My Thoughts: Flair and Finishers


Flair is basically customization attached to gear to grant things like hats, horns, and ears; I’ll start by saying that I like the idea of customization for characters in the sense of hats, ears, horns, and anything else they add in the future (if anything) BUTI hate the implementation.

I’ve heard some people state that they don’t like that the FLAIR is bound to a piece of gear; I totally agree. Since the FLAIR seems to be assigned at random to pieces of gear, you can’t control which one you’ll get on which gear, this is annoying for those who are trying to acquire a specific one on a specific gear. Then there’s the issue of someone who gets a piece of gear they’ve wanted but with a FLAIR attribute they dislike.

Anyways, I would have liked for FLAIR to have been a customization that you acquired via lootpack in the same way you got taunts and Skins, a reward not attached to a piece of gear and that you could assign at your own discretion. This could also lead to monetized FLAIR Items for specific characters that aren’t part of a specific skin (for example a holographic mustache for Marquis Only, or Various face-masks for Dragon). In short, I’d like FLAIR to be gotten individually in the marketplace/lootpacks and equipped to characters the same way a taunt or skin previously was.


Finishers seem to be just fx effects when kills are obtained. I probably have the biggest issue with this new monetized mechanic more than anything else. Firstly it’s a Booster which means that not only does it cost PLATINUM but it also has a TIME LIMIT. The TIME LIMIT is the biggest annoyance. So you’re not only limited by your ability to obtain kills, but you’re also constrained to a time limit. I don’t really see this making Gearbox much money at all.

SUGGESTIONS: I think a better implementation would be to treat Finishers in the same manner as Skins and have them be PERMANENT additions to a character’s repertoire of customizations. This means to have Character-specific Finishers that you purchase for a fair amount of Platinum that you can then equip/unequip the same way Skins/Taunts(and hopefully Flair) are equipped. Examples would be a “Nuke Finisher” for Bennedict (Mushroom cloud erupts as you kill them.), Shattering Statue Finisher for Pendles (Gorgon Finisher), The Soul literally leaving the body for Atty’s Finisher, Smoke/Ashes for Ambra/Orendi Finishers, etc etc etc. In short I think Finishers should be permanent additions once bought and should cost the Plat that reflects that ALONG with having most be uniuqe finishers that are tailor-made for characters ala Skins/Taunts.

Those are my thoughts.

Anyone else have any ■■■■■■■■ on FLAIR and FINISHERS?


I agree with both points: it would be preferable to have both Flairs and Finishers as separate items like skins and taunts.

I do wonder though how much re-writing of the game code that would have entailed? For example, adding Flairs as an extra stat to gear items doesn’t require any additions (to speak of) to the UI, the character selection screens/process, extra tabs/pages in the store, …

For Finishers - obviously some work needed to be done, but there was more room on the boosters page. Flairs could have gone there, but then you’d be stuck with only having one active at a time, and you wouldn’t be able to add them to characters via loadouts (or a similar mechanism on a separate tab).

Short answer: probably the easiest way to implement F&F without breaking tons of other stuff in the process.


I could understand that BUT as they are now they’re a bit (well, more than a bit for me) underwhelming. I prefer a well thought out and execute system than something that seems thrown together last minute out of necessity? I could be wrong, people might spend all their Plat on Finishers, I don’t think I’ll use 'em until something along the lines of what I described in the OP happens with them.

I mainly play supporting roles, almost twice as much Assists as Kills total, Finishers seems like a waste not worth my Plat for 24 hours duration (I don’t even play that long yet the time keeps ticking!, and unlike Loot/Exp boosters, there is NO incentive to play for hours and hours for benefits because there really isn’t any benefit at all!)


Again, I agree. I doubt I’ll ever use the Finisher I received for free, and I’m very unlikely to buy another even if I do. I’m also having second thoughts about some of the gear with Flair I kept will selling the equal stat non-flair item. I don’t blame any of those involved for trying this and seeing how it works, but it’s not something I personally was anxious to have!


I don’t mind the Finisher implementation too much, they’re pretty cheap and can be achieved with a few days of missions or some left over platinum. I had the disco ball one for a day and it was fun.

The flair thing I do agree with. It’s not a breaking point for me but I could see it getting annoying if I don’t want cat ears on everyone but need that piece of gear.


To be honest, I really want a way to turn the flair off, at least my flair, but preferably all flair. I think most of it looks goofy and detracts from the fantastic character design. Obviously this is a subjective thing, and my fuddy duddy preferences shouldn’t keep others from having fun, but an option to disable flair would be great. Gear is hard enough to find without having to look for a non-flair version.

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I agree, both are great ideas and i would love to get them and equip in a better way, right now they are there but i dont think i will use them that much.

10/10 would recommend this OP to a friend.

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