My Thoughts? No need to hate

So like many of you, I’m sure, I put countless hours into all of the HW releases. I put countless hours exploring and assisting the mod community in tweaking files to fine tune ship behavior. I put countless hours playing Star Wars/Trek skirmish and Lan games with the AI and my friends. I know the original game inside and out from a players perspective. I even tried to use all sorts of workarounds to get either of the two games to run on a more modern PC with their original disks. So yeah, I love HW. I’m a fanboy, money hat, whatever.

I’ve been seeing a lot of anger, frustration, and bewilderment by a lot of people on these and other forums in regards to a lot of the Remaster’s lack of HW1 mechanics, mostly due to the engine switch. I am by no means a programmer, but I did follow the dev cycle of this game closely for my own interest and to make sure I would actually want to play it. The trials and tribulations the dev team seemed to have gone through just get a lot of the assets for recoding sounded like they were trying to solve a 10 year old cold case murder.

All that being said, and it has been said nicely and not so nicely here, there are some things that are not the same. Only the dev’s can say if their omission or lack of functionality can be attributed to having to use the HW2 engine, who’s secondary game mechanics are very different from HW1, whist the core gameplay is basically the same.

-Support Frigates

These three things seem to be the most brought up issues with the remaster, and I know people have brought up more but these seem to be the ones that create vastly different combat gameplay. This certainly changes how the game feels and acts as compared to its original counterpart. It certainly detracts from a lot of the experiences many of us had 15 years ago when sending our swarms of fighters out in a giant wall or sphere around a cluster of Cap ships.

But you know what? While I found these changes to be frustrating, they do not take away from the fact that I am
Now able to play HW in HD my 27" monitor for the first time in maybe 8-10 years. As I play through the campaign and several multiplayer matches, I always notice the differences, changes, and omissions from the original. But the spirit and core that made these game so much fun to play is still there. I would have rather paid what I did for this game and be able to play it now then possibly never been able to play it again, at least in this way.

So please people, we all know the problems. We all hope the Dev Team will address them asap and fix the things they can. We all want to be able to play that original game in its total original form, but that just may not be technically possible at this graphical level without some sacrifices. I will continue to play the Remaster and be hopeful about it being supported and patched by the Dev’s and supported and helped along by the MOD community. I will adjust to all the new quirks and flaws this game has and continue on because it’s better than it not being here at all. At least here, there is hope for a true rebirth of the HW community and hope the game will be tweaked back closer to its original.

So put down your torches and your pitchforks. Send away your squads of attck ninjas. Call off your cyberneticly enhanced super dogs. Just let the game be a game that was released two days ago and was resurrected from the dead. If you find it so agonizing to play as it is now, then by all means, go back and play the original or just don’t play. But in my opinion, having this game be at the forfront of the news, even if it is only for a brief time, will only give it more exposure and hopefully bring attention to the unique and special gameplay that could be harnessed and shared by other Dev teams for new games.


I agree, to an extent, but it nonetheless is frustrating that Gearbox has taken everything I disliked about HW2 and brought it into HW1.

Formations, tactics, and support vessels are not what they were, but this hardly represents the extent of the problems.

I’d add that level balance seems to have been thrown entirely out of whack (the Kadesh missions are cakewalks now, and I’m not faced with nearly as many enemy Multi-Beam frigates as I was which really just makes the mission ridiculously easy). Some missions scale ridiculously, like the Ghost Ship mission - I came in and there were something like forty assault frigates. Forty! The damn things tore my strike craft to pieces, even with a substantial distraction force of scouts (who I can’t even set to evasive).

Ship balance has been thrown into chaos and it’s not clear why. Frigates can no longer stand up to destroyers. Ion Array Frigates and Multi-Beam Frigates are pale reflections of the dangers (and value once captured) of their former selves.

Ship behavior is completely out of whack. Corvettes don’t act like corvettes, which significantly diminishes their effectiveness; they act like fighters and chase rather than strafe. Multi-Beam frigates don’t spin when they fire. Interceptors and scouts don’t do their flip and fire while coasting in an opposite direction anymore. The behavior of far too many ships has taken a hit.

Yes, I’m pleased to have the game back, but I find I’m more pleased to have the original Homeworld available in digital form. I’m happier about having the original game, with the original challenges and original behaviors despite the now extremely dated graphics than I am about having the Remaster. Can these problems be fixed? I don’t know. Many of them result from the decision to make the game prettier by updating the engine, which makes for nice screenshots but poor gameplay.


Agreed with kevin. This game is the epitome of gorgeous, and there aren’t nearly enough play-stopping bugs to warrant some of the comments that I’m seeing, like “I’m not going to buy this game until X is Y” or whatnot.

I’m taking the tactics changes as exactly that: a change in tactics. Forces you to rethink how you play the game, makes it more fun in my opinion.

I get the feeling that, game-play bugs aside, this remastered version is more along the lines of what the original developers from Blackbird really wanted. Otherwise they wouldn’t have signed off on these changes. They probably see what Gearbox is doing as welcome, as they themselves didn’t have these advanced tools back in 1999 (see the forum post about comments by blackbird found in the sourcecode that said “wish we could do X here” but could never implement it)


I am not disapointed in the game in any way. I expected a few hiccups along the way and meh thats the Gaming Industry (anyone remember the fuck ups on Launch Day of the new Sim City) god that was awful.

The fact of the matter is for most of us the Homeworld Universe is back with avengance. Sure the Hybrid Multiplayer functionality has not won me over yet. Probably because I was awful at Homeworld 2.

I feel with a bit of time Gearbox will get this under control and make it the game its supposed to be. As said every single time you login to the multiplayer “This is a beta It is 15 years of code” Its not like they are starting with code that works on todays modern machines.

Most of the time when code is written 10 years ago you will find that developers who look at the same code today will have a rough idea how it works and what it does but wont be able to mimic it perfectly.

So I say give them time. Let them fix whats broken and add things that they want to add.

I mean we could be worse of THQ could of not of sold the rights to Gearbox in the first place and the Homeworld Universe would of died then and there.

Go on Gearbox make us proud.


I agree with your sentiment, I feel the same way.

Like many others, I am frustrated by the disappearance of mechanics and sounds of the original only because it is such a brilliant remaster otherwise. The work on rebuilding the graphics engine from the ground up, the artistic vision and conservation effort has been, in my opinion, flawlessly executed. The interface and sound problems seem easy to fix or mod. Bearing all this in mind, I might be entitled but it hurts thinking that this remaster would fail at preserving the intricacies of the gameplay.

What is very heartening however is the reaction of the community. We might be cross about these changes, but with the exception of a few bad apples people have really been awfully nice about it. The criticism I have seen has been mostly factual and respectful. I didn’t expect to see such detailed and constructive reports about bugs and missing features.

Now there is such a tall order of things to address, I can only hope that Gearbox is in this for the long run. I understand that the HW2 engine makes it virtually impossible for some things to happen and I think we all acknowledge that a carbon copy can’t happen without a big development effort. I wish Gearbox would commit to it, but I understand if they deem it unreasonable. However I can’t imagine formations, tactics, ship AI and the general balance of the HW1 SP to stay as broken as they are. It would tarnish the preservation intent of a remaster, in my opinion. A lot of work has to happen on that front and it will take time.

In conclusion I think we can only wish the devs the best and arm ourselves with patience for what I hope is a long haul. Homeworld is worth it.


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