My thoughts on Alani

I think to heal herself instead of looking away she should have to hit and hold her attack button and then just hit her heal button. This would make things so much better.

Also i would love it if minions were no longer a target for healing. For alani major heal to be wasted in a team fight because of a minion is really frustrating.

I also think her cool down helix option is overpowered and should be changed. Her ability cooldowns are already short but that makes them rediculose.

I think the top 2 parts are on point but the last one isn’t a helix I take so yeah. It might be ok in meltdown. I don’t play that though.

I could dig the first idea. The first time I ran her I thought I could just hold it down to keep healing, but it doesn’t and I came to realize that would make her OP in that sense. I feel the minion healing is okay however or if they were to do it take it away for Miko as well. It can be a bit frustrating, but I feel that’s part of what makes it fun in a challenging way.

sounds awful to me. It’s fine as is.