My thoughts on an un foreseen bad effect on double xp weekend

ever since yesterday the amount of aggressive players charging the other side and chasing poeple down for kills has been almost every match now.

the connection, killing players gets you a higher score. higher score means more xp from the double xp weekend

You sure about that? And I don’t see creating some variation in the tactics people use all that bad, as a general consideration. So what if people are suddenly more aggressive? There are ways to combat that and take advantage of over eager players. But yeah, not sure it’s accurate with XP / Score.

I don’t think that’s because of the event. It’s a method of beating a map that works.

Im on PS4, Ive noticed a lot of higher levels together (I assume they are on parties) this weekend.

Sadly I don’t know that many people to play with and randoms rarely voice chat, so youre left losing matches because no one wants to figure out how to beat the other team :frowning:

Well, if you can’t punish them when they chase you, they have a better team comp or are simply better.

Exactly what Reidbaker says. You can easily punish someone for charging in. There is no way this type of gameplay will win any game. They can’t ignore creeps or thralls long enough.

I’m thinking op means aggressive team mates , which I can see being an issue if they are chasing down kills and dying in the process.

Rarely on voice-chat perhaps, but before Battleborn, I never really played with groups or Steam friends. But when trying to talk with random-groups via voice chat, every now and then you find folks who use it. Then depending on the match, I add them. I’ve built up a few different groups of people I can connect with and am slowly building my Steam friends to group with.

It’s doable for sure. Again, started with nobody I play Steam games with, let alone Battleborn, and have quickly changed that by just trying and connecting.

On PS4 there are various open communities that you can join, I have used that to build a group of people to play Battleborn with.

I really dont like how poeple treat it as
Git Gud

when the game is not about K/D ratios

you pick a balance team to play meltdown and the other team goes all brawlers tanks and chase you down as a large group.

but its Git gud when a lvl 1 benedict alone because the other team mates are not around or bailed has to face off a pheobe, kelvin, ambra miko and montana.

Git Gud… when the other team is not playing by the meltdown rules. maybe all you should Git Gud and understand the rules this is not Team deathmatch your not supposed to go as a large group seeking players to kills your suppose to split, defend your lanes and escort your minions

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This. So many times this weekend I’ve found I’m the only one working on a side, killing minions and getting ganked by the other team since I have no help. And yet I always have the most minion deaths when everyone else is either single digits or low double digits.

Most XP comes from story missions.