My thoughts on Battleborn PS4 Open Beta

Firstly thank you to Gearbox for making this game. If I could describe it in one word it would be ‘fun’.

To me it’s the best of MOBA without the the complicated lane mechanics. The tank/healer/dps roles remind me of Monday Night Combat, another MOBA which I am also a huge fan of. However the roles in this are not as set in stone as MNC since using the helix levelling system you can easily make a tank or healer more dps oriented. It’s also great that it has a proper single player/co-op campaign since not many MOBAs out there do.

And now things I feel need improvement:

With Miko’s healing beam, I wish I could just lock it onto someone with the trigger as a toggle rather than having to hold it down. That way I could more easily use other abilities while healing others. MNC ‘Support’ character had a toggled healing beam and I found it works a lot better. It would make it a lot easier to change target as at the moment it seems kind of random who/when it switches target to while holding the trigger down. Also it may be lag but sometimes I press the healing beam trigger and nothing happens so I have to keep pressing until the animation finally triggers.

That brings me to lag, please consider creating an Oceanic server as the lag is sometimes unbearable for myself and others in Australia. There are a lot of Smite players coming from an oceanic Smite server to a US Battleborn server and the difference is night and day. Online matchmaking could also be improved. When I was level 5, myself and a bunch of other low level noobs got matched against a whole team of level 20+. Needless to say we got anhilated.

Finally some of the campaign bosses are not melee friendly at all, in particular the ice giants and ISIC. Also having some penalty for idlers would be good (unless there already is?).

Overall a great game so far. I’ve pre-ordered and look forward to the final copy. Keep up the good work Gearbox!

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Hey thanks much for the feedback. Ive got you moved to the bug report section in the mean time.

Enjoy and keep up the feedback!

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As this particular topic was more about sharing my suggestions than reporting bugs, I’ve removed the bugs section of my post and moved to the feedback forum. I’ll create a new topic for the bugs I’ve found at a later date. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback!

I think there IS an Australian cluster. I’ll bring that up tomorrow and see if it’s running. If it’s there, and you’re having bad ping when you connect to it, that would be great to know now!

Campaign bosses - I totally agree on those bosses. We did a lot of tuning on them right before we went gold, but I think we have some further adjustments we could make there. It IS our intent that certain roles are stronger in certain situations, but those final two Algorithm bosses are a bit more punishing than they should be on Normal Mode. Now, when we get to Advanced…don’t expect us to let up as much there. :slight_smile:

Idlers - yes, I’ve seen this problem too. It’s something I want to look into ASAP. I swear we had a “vote to kick” option in at one point, but I couldn’t find it when I was playing last night (and had an idler on Algorithm). There are several things we can do to address the problems here, some possibly short term and some long term.

Thank you so much for your patience. We’ll continue to improve things.


Thank you for the response. I’m very impressed with the interaction between developers and testers on this forum. Usually with a large developer such as yourselves the responses are few and far between :wink:

Thank you. We’re trying!

Battleborn is a game that has been built from the ground up to play together. In my opinion, working closely with the community, especially in these establishing months, is absolutely critical.

We can’t change everything about the game, of course – some decisions have been made and we’re down that river. BUT…we can adjust and improve a LOT of things as we move forward, and we plan on doing that. Now, it’s up to you to help us understand what to improve first. :slight_smile:


That’s great. :smile: While you’re here I have one more suggestion that I feel very strongly. I think your current loadout system doesn’t work for so many characters and believe there should be separate sets for each character. For example I usually play Miko and have one set for healing in versus and another for healing in story (with higher shard cost). At rank 20 that only leaves me a few slots left for all the other characters which is nowhere near enough.

I believe you can have a total of 9 altogether. By Rank 20, you should unlock 5 Loadouts naturally. At rank 20, you can buy 4 more with Credits.

Would that cover you, or do you still think you’ll need the option for more?

Typically I use two loadouts per character, one for PvP and one for PvE. That means to play all characters using the current loadout system I would need a total of 50 slots! :astonished: Because of this I only really stick with two or three characters right now. Some loadouts double up so I could probably reduce that number but it would still be a lot higher than nine. I think the loadouts should be based on the character selected and not just a general “one-size-fits-all” as this would encourage using more characters/items.

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