My thoughts on Bloody Harvest

I think GB did a great job on the event and I’m having a lot of fun with it but here’s some things I hope for or wish was different.

First, I hope heck hole stays around after the event so we would still have a place to farm terror and I mean its an area we didn’t have so I want to keep it. Next, I wish I had a clear list of what unique legendaries dropped. I wish the char skin was lower on the list so I could farm it with my alts easier since I can farm the rest on my main. Lastly, I wish mayhem mode wasn’t required for challenges because alts… Thats it, thats my list… Basically QoL changes and a desire to keep the content

All little things but for a free seasonal update… I am very pleased. Got an area, skulls for more loot, more unique loot and even a mechanic to tweek around… Also, cosmetics and a reason to play grinding haunt.