My Thoughts On How To Fix Flak and Moze Problems

These will be my thoughts to fix problems with moze iron bear and flaks pets being too easily killable in m3.

Will start with Flak. The solution is simple really give give the pets a health gate from 25% health to 0. This will stop things from 1 hitting them at the least. If people are speced into the pet tree enough to get health regen for pet it should heal it enough to make it be able to survive most situations beyond that if it still dies it would be on the player.

Now Moze. With Moze it’s partially an armor issue as vehicles don’t survive to even do quests in tvm either. My main idea for Moze is the security bear skill rather then make it give a damage shield that is 20% of iron bears health make it get a copy of Moze shield. Would make for new interesting builds for example people who spec down the shield of retribution tree tend to have large shields. That fixes it pretty much straight off. Where as people who spec down the demolition women tree increase it’s armor etc can use smaller shields like nova berner.

There are a large selection of shields to pick from and it would make her more fun like zane in that respect.

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