My thoughts on improving Battleborn

So here are my main complains about this game that i think if addressed would make this game a better experience.

  1. Characters skills and helix’s should have a more detailed explanation that leaves nothing up to question or wonder. There are many times when i just wonder what does this mean? Like when wrath’s (i think lvl 7) helix option means when it says genetic siphon heals wrath a lot more but he no longer heals from using skills. What is a lot!? His other options in the helix give us a percentage number but not this one. I see a lot of this and without hard numbers and good explanations how are we to judge if a helix choice is better then another choice?

  2. Lore challenges are sometimes way to difficult, like kill a certain character 25 times is just to random for me to achieve without hundreds of hours and luck. Having a team of the same faction is also pretty impossible. They just need to re-look at these and make adjustments that are accomplish-able.

  3. Gear also suffers from the same lack of explanations that everyone just guesses at, their are so many to name just look about the forums and you will find all the questions and no answers on gear. Like Montana benefits from reload speed because it cools down his gun faster? How can i find out if this is true or how would i ever of guessed that is how it worked?

  4. Epic loot is all over the place, from what i see most of the lore acquired epic loot is not that great for its hefty cost. The epic loot i got from my digital deluxe edition was also crappy and i have never used any of them. Then i see post on the forums for some that are like amazingly broken, like at 10% health you get 5 seconds of damage immunity? Sign me up for that! Also the fact you can only farm for epics in story mode and can not buy any epic loot packs also seems dumb because i don’t like the story mode that much to farm the same map repeatedly for a boss drop.

  5. Story mode needs work. Lets start with my over all complaints, it was rather repetitive in its objectives and did not really try for any uniqueness. Also it did not really make a campaign or any real story, random missions put together does not make a campaign. Yet i still had fun playing the missions once or twice but their is no real reason for me to continue to do so unless im farming for epics. What nobody likes to do…

So what can be done to help improve this? Well i would like for my friends to be able to join any point in the missions. I would not even mind rolling the game back to the last check point so it can spawn more monsters. Since the missions are so long take out the mechanic where you can fail because their is no happy medium challenge in those missions. Either it is very hard and you loost or it is so easy that the mechanic is pointless. Also waves of bad guys are a little lacking at times and my group just waits around when the wave is still active for the next group to lumber in. I guess these are little things that add up into something i want to see improved.

  1. I think people who quit a game should get the dota or league of legend approach where they have to wait not only till the end of the game but then have 15 minutes time out or low priority game matching. People run when they see that they are up against any sort of team. Also do not start matches if 1 player has left before the match starts, its annoying because i can not surrender for like 5 or 10 minutes into the match.

Now a lot of the other problems i have seen talked about and are getting addressed by developers in time. So i don’t think i need to bring up any other specific things about character balance or map designs. Over all i really like this game and their continued commitment means a lot to me so i hope these things can get addressed.

I agree, and in the Command screen, you should at least be able to check how much HP and Shield each character starts with. It would also be helpful to know what the basic attack DPS of each character is, and other info like that. Though I suppose we can use this for quick reference, but it’s not always up to date.

Oh and I still don’t know what the default “Shield Recharge Delay” value is, so I don’t know if -1 sec is useful or not.

Hmm, some of them do seem a bit exaggerated, but honestly I see those lore challenges as extra replay value, so I don’t think they should be too easy to complete either. I’m sure they could improve it but I just don’t see it as a priority.

But you can…

I’m not sure about that. The player base is already somewhat small (and split between 4 modes), so it can already take a long time to find a match. Personally I would rather play a 4v5 match than wait in the lobby forever.

~ ~ ~

Honestly, the thing I’d like them to improve the most about Battleborn is the marketing. No one seems to be aware that this game even came out. Feels like we’re still in Closed Beta. It’s easy to blame that other game for it, but I don’t think that’s the only reason.

I agree with alot of this; alot of the lore challenges are so annoying, and are pretty much down to luck unless you have a team with you. Some of the characters, such as Galilea, are incredibly overpowered - block, regen, stun - she’s a nightmare.
And I do agree Tiwill - I wish the game had a bigger market, because I am worried it may not be as played as much as soon as Overwatch comes out - and I don’t want that, selfish to say, I know, but Battleborn deserves a chance - it’s fun, sure, reptitive, yeah - but it’s honestly really fun, I enjoy the characters and dialogue, it’s great… sorry to vent there, but it’s true.
Yet again; agree with you and Tiwill.

Sorry i meant legendary loot packs, what ever the orange rare loots are called…sooo many games…sooo many words for the best gear…:scream: