My Thoughts on Legendary Gear


To elaborate on my eloquently stated statement; the activation cost of legendary gear is too expensive at their current hefty price of 1800 Shards. I think that the cost should vary depending on the piece of gear and what it is intended to do or just lower it to something more manageable across the board. In a PvP game where everything costs shards, it’s hard to save up too much shards for the legendary piece of gear. Now you also have 4 other people also wanting that shared resource.

The issue is a bit less of a problem in Incursion where there is an abundance of shards, or Story mode where there is no time limit, but in Meltdown I find resources are scarce and games end too quickly for them to be practical. Also farming for those shards (especially 1800 of them) takes time that is better served actively doing something in the game. I’ve had a game where by the time I had gotten the 1800 shards to activate the gear…the game was done before I could use it (or sometimes very shortly after).

Going back to Incursion, I kinda feel weird about myself or a team mate hogging all the shards for their ONE piece of gear while the rest of the team has to do with little to no resources and be unable to purchase their gear, or turrets/logistics, or super minions.
Now, if we say “Screw you and your Legendary piece of gear!”, then that is a wasted asset (for the most part) for a team member OR an asset that will be a little late to the party.



That does sound expensive. I can agree with your post. If they have stronger effects then they should cost more but 1800 sounds like a lot…that would take you out of the game for a good while collecting shards for a temp upgrade basically.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve heard this from a handful of players. I’d love to hear more feedaback on this as you get into the system.

Couple of things to consider as you help us tune and evaluate:

  • Shards you pick up are shared with the team. The person who picks up the shards gets a large amount, and the team gets a shared amount (I think around 20%).
  • There are pieces of gear which gives you bonus shards. Flawed Common versions of shard gear (with 0 activation cost!) can be a big springboard for activating legendary gear earlier. There’s a min/max game here that might be worth some investigation before you dismiss it too much.
  • The goal with Activation Cost on gear is to keep Legendaries powerful, while removing some of the advantage of long-term players over newer players. Legendary gear gives you big bonuses, but you still have to work for those bonuses. It’s a balancing factor to consider, for certain.

All that said - discuss! We’re listening!


I feel Legendary gear is about where it should be, I’ve got a couple pieces that I’ve worked into various loadouts, because of their ‘special’ for certain characters.

Like I have one for Ambra that raises her Skill Damage and Healing (everyone gets that) but if she uses it, it also causes her staff to gain heat without needing to do anything. That is a pretty hefty bonus there.

I’ve had no problems gathering the shards to get it activated first in Meltdown, other than some team members just running across the small shards instead of breaking them first, since it seems breaking the small shards makes it worth more.

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Won’t be playing until Wednesday, but I just love this, conceptually. I love getting great gear as much as the next guy, but having to make choices and lower-end gear being potentially advantageous in a particular situation/loadouts is so much more fun than just slapping all your legendaries into a slot and going. Really looking forward to tinkering with that kind of stuff.

It seems all Legendaries are at a flat 1800 cost. Now there is a piece of gear I’ve got that gives me bonus shards and reduced buildable costs. I can assure you that I probably could have used those 1800 shards to build more things in the same amount of time and be more useful in the game.

The Legendary Gear does not just cost you Shards, it costs you the TIME it takes to farm those shards.

Shards don’t grow on trees.

20% is something, but definitely not really a good source of income when there are a bunch of things needed around the maps. I wish I could survive a PvP game with just my teammates handouts of 20%…but nope. If I want a turret built, a piece of gear activated, OR a super minion to help push, I need to have had actively gone for shards else I would probably have enough to activate a common piece of gear (maybe!?).

I am aware of the pieces of gear that help with amassing shards, but usually the rate is like 1-2 shards per second? which is nothing to jump for joy about. 60ish a minute, 1800ish in 30 minutes! That’s enough to buy that Legendary piece of gear oh wait, the game was over 10 minutes ago. Lol
120ish a minute sounds nice too, but that’s basically 1 turret purchase every 3 minutes (not to mention that at 2 shards per second, the gear will probably cost about 500+ to activate as a rare+)

And to your final point, I understand the dilemma being balance, but I just think that having a flat cost across all legendaries is not good. I think each legendary should be evaluated and a realistic cost given to them. As I posted above, a shard generating and buildables legendary is a bit redundant to have cost 1800 considering the time and effort needed to activate it in order to help do something that the 1800 used for its cost could or should have been used for.

I think the activation cost for this gear is good. I think it adds more strategy to the game which I enjoy.

Breaking small shards -shouldn’t- affect their value. If you can prove that’s happening, please post that in our bug forum. :slight_smile:

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A lot of the Legendary Gear I’ve been seeing doesn’t stack up to Epic Gear in the same vein, unless there’s a character specific buff included.

I’ve got two pauldrons, for instance, that do roughly the same thing (Damage Resistance, Increased Heal Gain after taking damage). The Legendary does have an activated bonus Damage Resistance that triggers off of being damaged from the front, but the base level Damage Resistance is roughly the same, as is the Heal Gain, except the Epic is a third of the cost of the Legendary to activate.

So naturally, I take the Epic over the Legendary because it’s for the most part the same benefits with far less of a burden on my team’s Shard resources.

I find this to be the case. Epic gear is ‘generally’ a better choice in every situation but pve. In story i can easily acford one legendary without effecting team.

You have to be careful as if you make Legendary gear too cheap it will unbalance PvP. Maybe slightly cheaper would be okay like 1500. I actually like that it encourages people to play PvE.

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I’m glad my feedback is valued. I plan on doing some testing with some gear that give shards/reduce build-able cost. Right now though, I don’t have any gear that cost that much but learning the two points you said, it may be fine as is. Also late in some games I do upgrade all the way to rank 10 and activate all my equipment (If I really focus on shards). That leaves me little to do with shards unless the full game will have upgrades past level 10, so high cost/reward items may be a good thing.

Also keep in mind that Legendary gear is an end-game goal. I’ve played several games now where I’m just sitting on 2000 shards, waiting to buy something at 20-25 minutes.

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Just to clarify; I’m not saying ALL Legendary gear should be cheaper, but SOME should. It should all depend on how “good” or “game changing” the effect is.

Some gear could probably be MORE expensive if their effect is really that much of a game changer.

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Alternatively, if a particular piece isn’t worth it, it could be improved.

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Eh, I’ll offer my two cents and I mean that literally as I only got my first piece of legendary gear last night and haven’t played a match with it equipped. However, by mid to late game I usually have easily north of 3,000 or 4,000 shards (no shard producing gear equipped) so 1,800 seems like it should be totally doable and legendary gear should be a mid to late game effect anyway.

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Would it be possible maybe to concipate legendary gear, that they dont need shards for activation, but based on skill. For example like Marquis special gear getting triggered by 50 critical hits or so. As a protection for triggering this to early you could imprint a requirement like " can be only triggerd after 10 minutes or half game time or so"

With this players tend to go for a specific gamestyle and will be immensly rewarded for doing so. Maybe power that skill off, if in a specific time a minimum requirement for the gear is not fullfilled.

Just some ideas…^^

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I believe that with different gears there comes RNG with different tiers among the different rarities and so there will be differences in quality gear so that there is a bit of luck aspect (as with all games) so that you just don’t run out and try to collect everything with the best gear and the proceed possibly dominate with said gear. But this is on speculation.

I feel that legendary gears are meant to add momentum to a win. If you’re winning, you’re not needing to spend shards on buildings, and can grab that really strong unique effect. If you’re losing…you’re down a gear slot because you need to spend that money on something else. I think it’s a good trade-off, you bring them to secure momentum.

I’m just not 100% on if the effects are strong enough to actually be worth it, but I don’t think we’ve seen enough of the game to form an educated opinion on that.

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1800 is a bit much, let’s put this in perspective:

grey - 200 or so?
green - 400 or so?
blue - 750ish?
purple - 1000?
epic/orange - 1200-1400 I think is fair. I would have to know each tiers current cost to give exact numbers.