My Thoughts on Legendary Gear

I’ve had games with so many gems left over, even after upgrading things and activating equipment. I welcome the legendary equipment, its something to save up for and use for a late game power spike.

The problem is some legendaries are a steal at 1800 while others are basically useless.

Some are more or less depending on the stats on the gear also so it’s not necessarily uniform across all tiers

I have to agree. They were underwhelming. Even the character specific ones.

I agree with the Legendaries being a bit cheaper, but the affixes are meant to be powerful. They are not currently worth the 80% increase from a legendary. Either the shard cost should be dropped to 30-40% more than an epic (~1000) or the affixes need to become more attractive, spending multiple times the cost of lower end gear for slightly better bonuses should have something of a spikey feel to the jump once its activated. Granted the main stat bonuses are not game breakingly better from Green to Orange, but the affix imo should be very strongly worth considering with all the extra farming required to turn it on.

How about a fourth inventory slot made just to hold an epic? That way it becomes worth the price or its not something you would consider until 30 minutes in.

I would rather have a 4 item slot in general but I’m assuming that balances changes might be tuff or that there will eventual be better gear and etc. It’s hard for me to see at least during the beta if Legendaries are any substantial boost to power, (I believe there are but meh). In a few games, I see Some people will a full 3 slots of legendaries so, I know it could be done because that was usually in meltdown matches. But items as they now seem more supplementary than anything else and aren’t needed to really play or even win against other players. Sure overall they help and provides extra effects but you can easily lose a game depending on if someone with low tier items decided to just build items to win the game instead of individuals matches.

Some legendaries are definitely better than others… Should be taken into account for the cost. They get unique skills hard to quantify.


Would be nice if all shard pickups counted for the whole team. Maybe overpowered, maybe better to split them across the board. You never know, a lot of times fortune favors the bold, and then other times you get one guy snogging up all the shards while everyone else is still in combat.

If we worked together it would be fine the way it is, but sometimes people are just worried about their experience, and not the teams.

I’ve never had a hard time getting shards in all 4 of the modes, usually. But maybe a team friendly approach could be an option you could vote on?

Monkeybotlove ps4

Share shards, and share exp solves everything.

Teamwork is teamwork, and should be shared across everyone. Currently there’s too much me-me-me when it comes to leveling up (exp), when it should be a team endeavor.

Healers should gain exactly the same exp as someone killing enemies. Not some, or part of, or assist-level, or whatever else. Exactly the same amount. Shards should work the same way.

If I’m healing on the front lines and not shooting at our enemies, I’m doing my part. I should gain the same rewards as everyone else. If someone is collecting shards, and they’re shared equally over the team, he’s doing his part too.

Lose the arbitrary, abstract formulas for exp gain and just give the same amount to everyone. If a team member doesn’t carry his weight, the team will fare poorly in any event, so that shouldn’t be a factor when determining exp and shard split because it takes care of itself.


When a teammate gets shards, the rest of the team each gets 20% of that value. So shards do count for the whole team.

The fastest way to level in battleborn is by building structures, not kills, and not wiping minion waves. This of course requires shards, but it’s part of what I believe support role is, is making sure buildings stay up. You can also get exp simply by being around when minions die, I believe, so you don’t need to be the one wiping them out. I think exp is fine, and if I felt like I was contributing, I was keeping up or even top in levels because people cared more about kills than buildings and objectives.

Shared exp is messy, heroes of the storm pulls this off in a very mediocre way, mostly because you hit that ultimate unlock level all at once, or any levels which unlock talents, and have a serious advantage over the enemy team until they, as a group, all catch up.

I never felt like exp gain was bad unless I was losing and not contributing much, in which case it’s my own diggity dang fault.

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I believe that you have to either tag the minions with debuff or damage OR tag an ally damaging them with buff or heal, which is fine, IMO.

To me, one problem with doing equal XP is that inexperienced players will not be able to judge how they are doing. If I’m level 3 and the rest of the team is 5-6, I know I’m not contributing enough and need to do a better job of tagging stuff or building. If XP is shared equally, there will be no feedback to the player in the learning stages.

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I feel 1800 shards for the legendary gear is just fine. The main problem as I see it is that 95% of players don’t know how to collect shards yet. I watch most streams and I see people walk right by shards all the time.

Me personally, during my beta games, all of my beta games, I ended up with the most shards on my team upto and over 20,000+ shards. (that was more than enough for my 3 legendary items) and a lot of my games I ended up with more shards than the combine total of the enemy players.

You really just need to know where they spawn, keep an eye on the minimap, and don’t forget to collect the ones dropped by dead minions.

Even at the start of my games I would see players walk right by shards as I followed them and picked them up behind them.

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getting shards is not to hard but some of their stats they apply for legendary just are not worth it when half the shard cost for a blue is only slightly less in stats.

and then there are some worth the 1800 or even more i recall one that prevent shields recharging for 8 secs when you hit some one

the character specific ones are the ones that are worth it. Those have a 3rd ability that’s specific to a certain hero.

I had 2 during the beta.
Shayne + Aurox item = 50% of melee damage done is added to your ranged attack (awesome for finishing off enemies trying to run away from you after you stealth strike them)

Benedict item = -1 second from all cooldowns for each successful rocket hit. (Soooooo OP lol)

I’m pretty sure this has been said before, but my problem with legendary gear ATM is that it doesn’t have a variable cost. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but all legendary gear seems to be 1800. This flat price would be ok if legendary gear is equally powerful, which I don’t think is the case. I don’t have a problem with the high cost assuming the price is proportional to the power. Obviously, with special effects taken into account, it is hard to have a metric for “Power” and where exactly to price a specific item, but I think equip rates could be a good start.

The flat 1800 cost across all legendaries is definitely something that I think needs looking at, with how varied the effects of different legendaries are and how powerful some of them become on certain characters. I’ll take this legendary for 1800 on my Montana runs every day of the week, thank-you-kindly.

There’s also the consideration that legendaries have variable stats, so two of the same item can have the same price but different power levels, which is pretty unfortunate when the rest of the game balances this out by having weaker items cost less. Case in point:

I think is show how divided people opinions on when they another fourm saying we should limit gear to only 1 legendary because they might be too strong and this one says legendary isnt worth the price. Just wondering what gear people got as the ones i got were worth the price yet people dont seem to feel the same way so maybe the answer is to buff weak lengendaries not lower the prices of all legendaries.
The ones above me are insane the ones i got are ■■■■ compared to that they should be worth at least 2200.

The only Legendary Gear that I remember seeing that was NOT 1800 shards was a Legendary piece of gear that dealt with CC (one of them helmet thingies).

CC gear isn’t very popular from what I’ve seen/heard, so I can see why it was cheaper…BUT if they can make that distinction for CC gear, they should be able to give other pieces of legendary gear unique activation costs depending on their effects.

Also Uz3r013, 20,000+ shards is ridiculous to collect in PvP, even IF you try to get the shards as you pass them by. It suggests to me that you left to farm shards VERY often. Depending on your role in the game, you might not be able to afford to leave every minute to collect shards as they respawn. Not saying it can’t be done, either…just doesn’t sound optimal in my opinion.

Ah the Plasmite Teansducer! I was just going to suggest that for tanks as a viable way to have three legendaries in a game, I used to run it just so I could activate my unique and The Pacifier. Great for melee characters as well as tanks, Rath tends to get hit a lot but can lifesteal his health back AND earn shards just for being. Obviously, damage reduction helps with the passive effect of the Plasmite Transducer and helps strengthen melee characters, as does the Pacifier.