My Thoughts on Legendary Gear

That is an incredible thread! I wish I’d known about it earlier, I had 11 different legendaries during open beta including four uniques and never even thought to take screenshots :frowning:

That Vow of Vengeance is bloody incredible, along with Rath’s vest, combine those two with the Plasmite Transducer or that one that earns shards for dealing damage on an assassin and you’ll be slaying Battleborn for days.

Can you get multiple of the same legendary? I only seemed to get one of each.

Really sucks when you look online and someone has a better specced legendary than yours.

Uniques, no. I think unique legendaries should have set stats instead of the fluxuation we see on other gear items. Grinding for a legendary only to get a low stats variant is sheer disappointment.

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100% agree with this.

I feel that legendaries shouldnt be better in every way to another of its same type like with the leechsteel brooch screenshot above if it has better healing received it should have less skill damage or skill damage life steal not be better in everyway as someone who farms for the very best one is going to be at an advantage over someone who got the same type but its not as good in every way. That way you can still farm for the very best one for your playstyle.

I disagree with this. Though I do understand your point, I think that legendaries being as good as they are give PvP players incentive to play PvE more which will cause them to stay and play Battleborn for longer as they farm for the best gear to enhance their PvP experience :slight_smile: