My thoughts on Melee vs ranged

the argument i hear from a lot on the side they say Melee is not op because they are vulnerable at range, well the only really good range character is the sniper. most other ranged characters are only decent damage dealers at about 20 ft. quite a few battleborns have slow moving slow firing projectiles that are easy to dodge.

at 20 feet the melee characters are close enough to jump the range characters

Why would melee be “OP” when you can just turn around and sprint away? Mind you 8/10 times melee gets the jump on ranged is because they dont watch the mini map.

This is coming from who plays both sides…Marquis can sit back and dominate a game easily, Thorn can be just as deadly mediumish range and has fantastic agility/escape, Oscar Mike is easy mode, Ghalt is OP right now…Orend is a walking nuke…Toby can sit way back and decimate minions and players alike.

Who exactly are you implying has a hard time? The only ranged DPS type character who seems to have it slightly tough is Whiskey, but thats more of a potential need for a buff rather than a melee v ranged thing.

Whiskey does not have it slightly tough currently. The hero is complete trash atm.

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