My thoughts on needed revisions

First, caldarius needs some love. All of his abilities have some issue, sometimes the fashbang doesn’t blind the enemy, a lot of the time gravitic burst doesn’t charge, you’ve already had a ton of complaints about aerial assault. Second he needs a small buff, not sure what though. To a different subject; there needs to be a reason to try and balance the team, I often lose a match because my team doesn’t have the right composition. There is more but alas I am lazy.

That’s between you and your team members. The characters are pretty well balanced outside of a few outstanding issues (which will be addressed in the upcoming patch). What I would like to see is who the opposing team picked once so we can change our characters if we choose. Then again, part of the fun is not knowing who you’ll be up against…

It might be best to post separate threads on Caldarius and matchmaking.