My thoughts on P1v1 so far (POVO)

So, a lot of questions arise about this game: is it amazing? it it dread awful? will it be the next league/overwatch/cs:go etc.? I will try to answer my best about these questions and more.

I have been playing games for a while now; i can confidently say I am above average in these types of FPS games. I think this game compares highly to overwatch, except there is no team play; thus, Project 1v1 emphasizes both mechanical skill and game-knowledge-ability (IE how to use abilities most effectively). To put in contrast, I reached Master rank in Overwatch (I immediately stopped after reaching that rank because the game became boring to me, but i can say I could have reached higher tiers), so I am fairly decent mechanically. I believe P1v1 will ultimately come down to who masters abilities more than who is mechanically skilled (just like OW, in a way).

So far, the game seems highly promising. It is very fun and exciting to learn new abilities and master them. I doubt that the weapons and abilities we have seen thus far represents what will all be released at launch, so look forward to a vast array of play-styles that people will use to defeat their enemies. There are some balances that i already love: for instance, the turret is deadly if one is caught off guard in its presence, but easily destroy-able by peeking corners. I like how it shows MMR, but I think it should only be visible by the player, friends, and in ranked matches (IE dont let random people whom you meet be able to see) for toxicity reasons; i like how it works on LoL. Even in my 15-FPS laptop, I could see how this game could progress further to a potential game of the year.

Now the bad things: and there are a lot of bad things. First, the game seems limited to 1v1s; i mean, its in the damn title. At least be able to add team based games in the custom option or something like that. I believe it will take the game to far heights. Another issue is pure video play-ability. There were some issues, for instance, buttons that were not truly representative (i had to select the screen ABOVE the button to actually “press” the button), inability for the game to go full screen unless you were actually in a match (i found this reallllly confusing; like, why?), etc. I do expect many of these issues to be fixed on the launch of the game.

Although i praised some balance issues, i do also dont like how some things function in the game; for instance, that tracking gun that does 10 dmg/shot. It is fairly weak: however, 1 strategy i used that i feel like shouldnt be in the game is that i used the gun to track my enemies through walls. Once i saw the damage markers get closer and closer to a choke point, i switched to my shotgun and blasted the poor fools. Maybe let the gun be only able to track if you, the player, has LoS with your enemy? Furthermore, with the addition of new abilities and guns at launch, i feel like due to the diversity, some weapons will be blatantly better than others. One way to fix this is to be reaaaalllly careful when adding new things or put new patches every couple of weeks like LoL to freshen up the meta. I do fear a stagnant meta will be the reason why this game will fail. In this way, i highly doubt the game will go competitive, but i think the designers made this game this way (for casually play).

I may seem too critical; however, it is because i have passion for this game’s success that i am critical about it. I do want this game to succeed and be known to all as one of the best.

That is just my thoughts so far. tl;dr----> very good potential, a lot of things to work on. If they do it right, expect a very exciting game!