My thoughts on the PC Battleborn Open Beta

Ok so, I have clocked in over 40 hours this weekend for Battleborn and over all I really do like it quite a bit!
But this is not to say I think that the maps need some sort of revision such as the 2 minute mineral nodes. A thought had occurred to me that most teammates who at least took a second to realize MINERAL GOOD I LIKE, would rush over there and 9 times out of 10 rush over and shoot the mineral patches fighting with a teammate to get all the minerals. Because…■■■■ you for wanting what I want. Now, this mentality isn’t uncommon on any team game, in fact, it’s pretty normal but considering there is many achievements surrounding killing 800 character types it would make more sense to me to put the character types on that node. For immersion sake have them say funny lines like “We were just trying to get rich man” or “DID YOU SEE THAT ■■■■■■■ ANDROID WE ARE TRAPPED” or some funny innocuous commentary as is privy to this gameplay.

The Gameplay

It’s ■■■■■■■ fantastic. Of course, I speak from experiences of DOTA, LOL, not overwatch because ■■■■ ACTIVLIZZARD… and this feels like truly something unique in its own right. I have fallen in love with Thorn because of her jumpy glass cannon structure, she is amazing plz no nerfz :D.
But the gameplay is intense, it is crazy and it causes some amazing plays with snipes or ultimates the likes of which feel altogether more intense depending on a good shot or attack.
That being stated I feel as though certain characters have map architypes, for instance Rath on meltdown is insane when you get three characters trapped under middle and he spins to win…Definitely learnt the hard way that corridor + Rath = instant death, and that is great.

The only thing I would comment on is some of the back turrets on incursion feel especially worthless besides exp. There are two shock turrets on the mineral node side that feel particularly worthless most all of the game because as soon as the first android is taken the teams most likely will fortify the high ground and pick away at the second. Melee also feel especially weak in this sense unless they have some sort of knock back or stun.

Support characters are amazing, Miko, who I started out hating, had grown on me accordingly. Ambra is amazingly powerful with her solar beams and incessant OCD nature, the likes of which had me laughing when she began screaming about tucked in shirts. Yet, Reyna is the most fun to play for my style. Instantly giving overshields and changing the tide of battle in unison with a Miko and heavy tank have given me quite a rush that I am really doing something compelling for the team. Not just hiding in a ■■■■■■■ bush for 20 minutes in a game where my ■■■■■■■ partner can’t get last hits and is dicking around like no other. (Eat a bag of dicks Ezreal)

Damage melees seem a bit weak right now but I feel like that might be because of poor team dynamics I.E. El dragon (el gordo is my nickname) flying in the air away from miko causing him to flounder and die rather quickly. Assassins of this variety the same issues as el gordo but I am sure this is because of team composition and play style, and my lack of skill and talent. It would be great to see team compositions develop around a good melee offensive, as for now I was left with mikos running around like crazy as Montana and his merry men were running into turret fire not knowing that on incursion between an a steroid infused android from ghost in shell and marquis, they were all going to die. All in all, melee is in a decent place I think, except for galilea…that is a god tier tank…and I hate her, she stuns thorn, she taunts thorn, thorn just dies, it’s not cool galilea, don’t give me you black plague…

The gear system

This quite frankly, has a weird place in the game. Epic’s are very good but the legendary items seem way too expensive especially for healers which don’t have as many opportunities to aggressively get the nodes lest there team die. So as a healer I kept on getting CD reduction or items that activated gold over time. Of course this was only readily accomplished by making my teammates know I needed a gold path at the start of the game for such an endeavor…some did not decide to listen…I’M LOOKING AS YOU ISIC YOU FAT F***! Anyways truth be told I didn’t really feel the damage output all that satisfying with these items, unless I was marquis and my german nazi zelf had an eins, zveif, drie headshot. All in all, I like the system and its activation mode. The problem I learned early on was that it was more important however to get common goods and greens and if lucky maybe a purple. Lest you disband of your team and are spent mineral hunting every two minutes and have no power for the group combat. Also, I know that the gear system has some form of organization, but it gives me a headache. Mainly because I cannot really discern which items I had in my loadout. Despite there being a tiny check mark. This caused me to peer into my screen a bit too intensely the likes of which will cause me to get glasses at an early age but its warranted and well accepted because…thorn. So perhaps a reevaluation of the loot system is necessary. It would be nice to have two tabs, one the active loadout tabs where items are that are being used are all nicely located in there, and everything else.

Really I just felt like getting a legendary wasn’t very legendary because of the price. It felt a bit silly, like attempting to play hearthstone with legendaries. You can probably Doctor boom in every deck but really, you can’t do much else. The epics are great however, anything in between 800 and 1k seems to be the correct amount.

The Ranking system/maps

(First off thanks for reading, I am sure this is mired with bullocks but the passion is flowing through me.)

It is weird, I mean I just kept on winning this weekend and que’d up with fellow winners but it got to a point where to solo que was to watch youtube. Which I suppose is fine, but then I played with my none competitive friends and bam instant que. Then bam 10 minute surrender. It felt awkward, but I believe that is to be expected when fresh new players are coming into play. Also to anyone who experienced that feeling of surrender from my end and just wanted to learn about the game…sorry, like a proper Canadian sorry to you all. Please don’t quit!

There were some really good matches however, but they usually only ever occurred on meltdown and not Incursion. Mainly because the sniper positions and map structure cause our melee line to be nestled behind a big wall as to not perturb the gigantic wolf copy that will nuke you to oblivion. The two choke points seemed hell bent on getting big creeps to push out but even then with thumper turrets and snipers, the thralls made for easy work and the game just felt stagnate. Also, Marquis has a sniper position in which he can snipe you but you can’t snipe back…I tried…that sort of thing is irritating especially on a map that freezes like that.

Meltdown is great! No seriously it has great positional awareness, rotations depending on team composition, call outs, etc. It is my favorite map, mainly because if you are getting completely mangled or you team is mangling the game actually ends. It does not turn into a sniper fest. AND the melee can actually do something important. Never have I seen el gordo wreck so much shop than in meltdown. Great map 10/10 will play again.
That reminds me, I hope there will be the capacity to negate certain maps for ranked as well? Also I would love to be able to check my elo so my narcissism can run rampant and I can be a pretentious gamer ner-….You know what, disregard that last sentiment.

Either way, you all have a fantastically addictive game on your hands. I hope it gets promoted accordingly. I think people who have any background of a MOBA background but didn’t like the complexities or purchase x gear by y point in time or be called a noob, will certainly want to join up and have fun. It is a completely different game than Overwatch which I know is the comparison you all suffer from so I hope with proper marketing and gameplay that you all get to separate yourself in this hero genre. Because quite frankly, I would rather just play counterstrike then overwatch, and Battleborn over league and Dota.

Sir Panda the Red

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