My thoughts with the characters and other stuff

Some characters are annoying, some are unplayable, this is what I think about them and other stuff (spelling and grammar errors).

Skills getting canceled when you haven’t use it - simply put, if you activate your ult or other skill but don’t use it (EX: ghalt holding his hook out but hasn’t thrown it) it shouldn’t go into cooldown mode.

Lesser played game modes - I know mostly everyone hates the finale in meltdown but I’m getting sick of incursion and meltdown, I want to do capture and face-off but no one likes them.

Incursion - make it so the robots are the only way for the sentry shield to get damage or increase the damage the sentry deals to players

Elcholon - move the sentry back towards the supply station to force players to get down the stairs to damage the sentry.

Monuments - move the supply station up towards the first sentry behind the wall in front of the sentry (not exposed to enemy fire).

ISIC - I get a cramped finger all the time playing as him, I would be nice if we could just hold the fire button down and eveytime his attack gets charged It automatically fires the charged shot, plus his ult is unusable, when he gets in it, someone on the other team is gonna cancel it, he shouldn’t be affected by any CC that can cancel his ult, I know that’s a problem but ISIC is one of the common BB to die often.

Toby - a sniper like character doesn’t need a stun, I know he has low health but trying to kill him in close range going against a skilled Toby sucks.

Marquee - he’s great as he is but I wish his ult was more effective against enemies who’s health isn’t low.

Ghalt - great but like marquee, his ult needs fixing, less accurate and just doubles the base damage of his normal shots, not including helix options or his tac damage.

Mike - the preferd choice of beginners, deadly In the right hands, balanced I think.

Montana - skilled montanas are deadly and hard to kill, I just wish when Montana is activating his ult, he can’t be canceled till he stomps the floor.

Melka - I hate her, but I honestly think she’s practically useless now.

Kelvin - with a good team, he’s effective, if he’s in a bad team, he will die.

Ernest - annoying? Yes, hard to kill? Sometimes.

Attikus - sucks early on, good later on.

Gailiao - she has almost every CC in the game, her vortex is really annoying , so is her damage output and most gails i see often are wearing the black skin, idk why but I think her shield throw should slow instead of stun.

Alani - can’t stand burst healers and her wave somehow makes people stop when they get hit by it, but other then that, she’s balanced in my book.

Benedict - rank 1 helix to increase Hawkeye duration by 1 second should be removed and changed with something else and fix his reload, after he loads in a rocket it takes .5 seconds for it to count he loaded it in.

Rath - his stun is never used so change his rank 1 helix and reduce the damage the crossblades deal by default.

Ambra - her stomping ability should only do one stomp instead of two.

Deande - annoying but balanced.

Caldy - fix the bug with the rank 9 helix that increase flashbang damage but doesn’t reduce the area of effect of the flashbang.

Beatrix - remove silence ability.

Kid Ultra - increase reload speed, maybe change how fast he moves in his ult.

Kleese - make the stomp damage more effective and change unstable rifts to explode when enemies are near them.

Phoebe - reduce the 6 second slow to 2 seconds.

El Dragon - don’t play as him, hate him, any thoughts on fixing him?

Reyna - she’s fine as of now.

Pendles - increase the time it takes for pendles flash bang to go off.

Foxtrout - bring back the ability to hold the scrap cannon before firing it.

Shayne and Aurax - remove stun helix.

Thorn - remove jump height helix and reduce damage her ult deals.

Miko - balanced.

Boulder - reduce how much damage the shield can absorb.

That’s all I can think of, say your counter arguments and what not.

Deande = best battleborn


I’m pretty sure Dragon is best battleborn. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I hate your idea for incursion. it would become purely all wave clear characters, no thanks.

Isic should be able to be taken out of his Ult. You let yourself get taken out of your Ult right away, the person to blame is in the mirror. Positioning and awareness 101.

Toby is fine, range characters counter him so hard. Only a problem if you’re oblivious to him.

Ghalt, his Ult is fine. His play without his Ult is what makes him top tier, I’ve played 370+ games with ghalt and if he suddenly didn’t have an Ult i wouldn’t care. The only thing that would bug me is not having my immunity to cc at level 10.

Benedicts reload is fine. Did you not experience any benedicts when people first figured out the reload animation exploit? People wouldn’t even use his reload helix at 3 and more or less had infinite ammo by pushing the shoot and reload button pretty much at the same time. Let’s not bring that back.

Kid ultra, similar to Benedict. His reload is fine. He already has ridiculous wave clear and burst damage. Lowering his reload time would just make it worse. It’s not a coincidence that the 3 characters with splash damage primaries(KU, bene, Ernest) have long reloads.

Montana being canceled out of his Ult is fine. He still gets the DR if he’s started the animation and doesn’t get the knockup.

I’m fine with phoebes slow, there’s a big vortex that says “don’t come in here”. Only an issue if you let it be an issue.

That’s all I got.

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It currently is back if you have enough reload speed. a free one and his level 3 helix are enough for him to just spam rockets again.

Pretty sure? I’m 100% certain it’s Deande. (Although not gonna lie I do like dragon even though I can’t play him nor have a real desire to)

I know, but people used to do it without the reload helix, so they could use the projectile speed and still have instant reload

And getting shut down by damn near every ranged character sucks even more, because they don’t have to get close; but sure, let’s let melee shut Toby down too, because the ONLY thing that keeps them at bay currently is the fear of God that a stun mine and railgun crit or two puts into them…

Blasphemy! You can’t say that about her!

Nah, just kidding. Glad you think she’s balanced.

As for your other suggestions, some of them I agree with but others, such as Shaurox’s and Toby’s stun, ISIC’s ult, Pendles’ smoke bomb, etc… There’s no need to change those characters. They’re fine how they are in my books and have never really been a problem for me. Every character has their counters which can help combat the issues they cause. I believe only a handful of Battleborn need addressing right now IMO. Namely Orendi, Gali Mellka, etc…

I like your idea mr toby but i’m surprised that you recommended this yourself



Oh, GOSH! I-I’m sorry! It’s just a REALLY sensitive subject with me! We’re still friends, right?


i know what a ball of firey energy you become on fridays little guy, i forgive you :stuck_out_tongue:

ps you’re extra cute when you get angry



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I have a bunch of salmon in my possession. If i share some, will it please you?

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Well… Yeah, i’m actually pretty hungry… BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU GET A FREE PASS TO CALL ME THE “C”- WORD!!

Excellent! I’ll give you some. :slight_smile: Come over here.

/pulls out salmon

Roll over!

Play dead!

Come on Toby you can do it!


Waddle-walks over.


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@Nemosis327 @Dr_H0H0
Both of you are wrong. CLEARLY ISIC is the best character in anything and everything.


For the purposes of this thread Boldur is obviously the most balanced character in the game. Don’t be hating cause you jelly