My Toby fan art

He recently became my favourite after getting used to how he plays so I thought I’d try draw him :). My talent is limited, I can only really draw from pictures and I prefer black and white.


Looks adorable.

Thanks :smile:

If you ever end up trying to remake it, probably the most clear things to adjust would be his right wing and feet.

The right wing would benefit from being angled a little more towards his right. His ‘elbow’, that is. If that makes it more clear what I’m talking about. Or simply having the helmet angled more leftward. Basically just to not make it clip through his right wing.

For his feet, you could improve the picture by adding bits of the side of his right foot along with one or two of the toes angled out towards his right. Kinda like if you start your pencil tip at the tip of his tail and ran diagonally down towards the left corner of the picture in a straight line. That would be the angle his feet could be made facing to make the pose look a little more natural. Same done for his left foot, though you would reveal more of it compared to his right foot, since we’re on his left side.

That’s just my two cents though, in case you ever look back on this picture and go " Huh, that’s what past me drew? Lets see if I can improve it."


Thanks for the advice. I’m a previous art student but dropped out so I don’t really draw anymore. I just had the urge to, I’m not that brilliant, I just draw for fun haha.

No problems, hopefully you don’t take offense. Just friendly pointers, I know I’m never really satisfied with my art when I do it, haha.

None taken, I’m used to having teachers/lecturers pointing out that my proportions are wrong so it’s cool haha

Yeah, proportions can be annoying to get down. I typically struggle with appendages like the hands and feet myself. But hey, picture still looks decent, a great start.

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That’s a nifty sketch, and you’re pretty good at pencil shading, too!

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Thanks :smile: