My trade list, hopefully something you need

Gamertag QuietXMarko

Here is what I’m looking for (Lv60 M10):

  • Creamer x2 with 300/90 or 50/150 rad

  • Nukem x2 same as above

  • Facepuncher x14 300/90

  • No element , fire or corrosive Boom Sickles 50/150 rad

  • Shock, corrosive or fire Plaguebearer 50/150 rad

  • Zheitsev’s Eruption x2 50/150 rad

  • One Shotter shield ASE melee dmg or ASE any element

  • Triple power charge shield ( don’t know the name) ASE melee or ASE any element

  • Bloodletter com +3DM +2TRL with melee dmg, shotgun dmg and mag size

  • Bloodletter com +3DM +2TRL with splash dmg,
    weapon dmg, heavy weapon dmg

  • Blastmaster com +1 Redistribution +4 vampyr with splash dmg, weapon dmg, heavy weapon dmg

  • Megaton mind sweeper +1 Redistribution +4 TCP with splash dmg, grenade dmg, weapon dmg

  • Knife drain white elephant with melee dmg, mag size, shotgun dmg

  • Snowdrift victory rush with mag size, area of effect dmg, grenade dmg

  • Snowdrift deathless with mag size, area of effect dmg, heavy weapon dmg

And here is what I have for trade (Lv60 M10) :

  • Shock License consecutive hits

  • Cryo Redistributor ASE 2 mag cryo

  • Radiation <> Fire Flipper SNTNL cryo dmg

  • Shock Contained Blast SNTNL cryo dmg

  • No element Boom Sickle SNTNL cryo dmg

  • Facepuncher x14 SNTNL cryo dmg

  • Shock Contained Blast x2 Phasecast 250 dmg

  • Brainstormer x14 5% stack

  • Brainstormer x14 300/90

  • Dakota, ASE 100 / ASE 2 mag radiation / ASE 130 radiation

  • Radiation Tigg’s Boom x18 Phasecast 250

  • Fire Lump x2 ASE 200 splash

  • Creamer x2 ASA 200 weapon dmg

  • Cryo Backburner ASE 200 splash

  • Lv57 OPQ System 50/150 rad

  • Lv57 Yellowcake x2 300/90

  • Shock Stopgap ( vagabond, booster) SNTNL movement speed

  • Cryo Stopgap (turtle, fleet) ASE radiation dmg

  • Cryo Stopgap (vagabond, adaptive) ASE cryo dmg

  • Snowshoe ASE radiation dmg

  • Transformers ASE corrosive, incendiary and radiation

  • Cryo Lightspeed ASE incendiary dmg

  • No element Lightspeed ASE shock

  • Cryo Mitosis hunter seeker ASA 150 grenade dmg

  • St4ckbot +1FF +1PT +3 HE with weapon crit dmg, pistol dmg, action skill dmg.

Thank you and sorry for the long read.