My Trading Thread/LF 1CH weapons bounty Hunter Cosmic stalkerUpdate 6/15

Hey Vaulthunters, this is my thread for trading.
Btw added 60 guns 6 coms
I marked the new legendaries

I’m especially looking for,

Bounty hunter / cosmic stalker
Splash dmg + weapon charge speed

Backburner Rad/shock sntl cryo

Anarchy elemental 1ch/50150 rad/n2m 100

Plaquebearers all elements ch1 ase 2mag100

Plaquebearer corrosive sntl cryo

Monarch(elemental)x4 ch1 siren130 ase100

Reflux x14 1ch

Recursion x2 n2m 100 which I haven’t got already

Always looking for godroll artefacts and com’s

Snowdrift Loaded Dice
Reload speed
mag size
movement speed

Elemental projector loaded dice
movement speed
mag size
reload speed

Good Snowdrift Loaded Dice
Good elemental projector loaded dice

If there is something I can help you with, please feel free to ask !

My PSN is Hodin316

Here is my spreadsheet:


Hey mate,
i have a SNTNL cryo Redistributor shock with 1598 of damages,still interested ?

Already got one but thx!

Alright bruddah :call_me_hand:

I want

My list

If you are looking for something, exchange it.
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I’m interested in your OPQ, the second item from the top.

Here is what I have to trade, If there’s anything you’re interested in on my post let me know, or if there’s anything you’re looking for

What’s your PSN name? @sgj7777

Id sklove0

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I take that driver with splash radius Jakobs and Dahl crit.

LF Gorging, Frantic and Fire Harden Old God.
Offer you:
Kaoson x2 cryo 4370x2
Sand Hawk cryo 9826x9 full/semi auto
OPQ 9232x2 1.5 zoom

PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Send me FR
If you are interested.

I’m at work atm, when I’m back home I’ll send friend request. Only need for that OPQ, do you have some interesting coms for zane?

Sure opq with two good coms.
I already sent FR, just accept it and will email you.
Once FR excepted. I will email you when I am awake.
Seeing Dead 28 wd 35 smg 51 hyp crit 4 donnybrook
And 28 wd 26 mag 35 AR 4 donnybrook.

Bumpinger u know

Updated list now contains artefacts com’s grenades shields and weapons.

Hi, I have a cutpurse launchpad with 40 aoe damslage, 20 corro damage, and 43 ffyl time if interested? Looking for a one shotter shield in return.

Sure but if it’s 43% it’s FFYL movement speed, correct?
One shotter, I’ve got 2 of them one with SNTL movement speed and one with ASE Shock

Yes you are correct, my bad. My PSN is JuniorSenior95, will take the STNL movement speed one. Will send in the morning.

If u accept FR i will send it to you

Updated list