My TVHM Quests Reset on Login?

As title states, my TVHM quests have been reset and I can no longer fast travel to all of my checkpoints. I spent a ton of time completing the mission on normal and TVHM this weekend, all the while experiencing several bugs (entire vault being deleted, quests bugging out and unable to be completed until you find someone on the same step as you, etc)

I logged in this afternoon to find that all of my quests are reset. Now has this happened to anyone else? I know for a fact I did not reset my quests manually as I was farming Tyreen this morning before I left.

Please help, any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Did you notice any other changes, such as character level, gear items, etc.? When you signed in to the game, did you get a prompt about syncing your save file?

I didn’t notice any weird messages. I just know that I pressed continue game as per normal and it brought me to sanctuary and all of my Fast Travel locations were gone. Only have the initial starting zone and Sanctuary available. Also worth noting that my friends and I noticed that our Guardian ranks were in the negatives up until today where we farmed them back up. I can provide screenshots if necessary.

In your previous session, were you playing solo or co-op?

I was hoping between Co-op and solo as we were farming bosses.

Also, in the main menu with TVHM selected it says Chapter 23: Divine Retribution but when I enter the game I have no Fast Travels available

Unfortunately I’ve seen a couple of similar reports of unlocked FTs disappearing in solo following a co-op session. If you could file a support ticket with a description of the events leading up to this, it would be appreciated.

Based on those other reports, you should see those FT locations again if you rejoin a co-op session, but they don’t stick. The only fix I’m aware of right now is using the navigation console on the flight deck to go each planet and then manually re-discovering the FT locations. I can’t, however, guarantee that this will stick. You may - until there’s a patch for this - want to keep separate characters for solo and co-op play.

I tested what you said and yes I can FT to those locations if I’m in a party with someone who has them unlocked, but they do not stick as you stated. So if I understand correctly I can no longer play Solo and say (ex. Kill Tyreen) because the FT location will always be undiscovered when I’m alone? Kind of disappointed to be honest. The game is amazing but the few issues we’re encountering really but a damper on the experience.

Hopefully this can be fixed via a patch, but I have no information on precisely what issues GBX is prioritizing or when things might roll out (other than a previously announced planned 30-day patch). As I mentioned you could try revisiting the planets/maps to get the FTs back. Maybe start a different character for solo and keep your existing one for co-op for now?

I understand. Is there a specific place where updates are posted? Such as patch notes etc

In the past, that has been on both the game’s support page and in the relevant tech support section.

Thank you for the info, very much appreciated. Hope my frustration wasn’t taken out on you too hard.

Oh, I’ve had much worse responses the last couple of days! A game launch is always a busy time.

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