My Videos of BL:TPS

This is pretty much a self-explanatory topic: I want to post my channel here for others to enjoy, as well as a couple of highlights from it. As you can guess, right now my channel is focusing on Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel. :smile:

First, my channel is at for those who are interested. As for the highlights, well, I’ve discovered some entertaining glitches that are funny to watch. I’m not posting these videos to knock BL:TPS in any way, I just want to provide lulz. :wink: Here they are:


Hope you enjoy them! Feedback is welcome!

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I’ve been a bit more active on twitch recently and may be able to pop in to your live stream. Just wondering though what timezone you are in and what times you plan to stream.

Hey Riviet, thanks for your support. :smile: I live on the East Coast of the US. As for times I stream, they’ve been kind of random so far, but they’re in the evening.