My Unasked-For Opinion On the Winter Update

So, I’m one day deep into the ambitious Winter Update.

Here are my takeaways:

The GRAPHICS! OH MY LORD, THE GRAPHICS! This game is gorgeous, smooth, and it feels almost like a brand new experience. Such an improvement. My mind is blown on this one.
Incursion Dojo. Since some people jump right in without any concept, this is a good place for them to learn the game basics.
Boosts. Now we can buy and store boosts for when we’d like to use them. This is great for when we have the money but not the time.
Skins. LOTS of cool new skins and the unlock skins, while very simple, are also very cool!
Beatrix. Very cool. Although I’ve only used her for three matches, she’s a fun, versatile character with more potential the more you learn her.
OMvTBS: New OPS are always cool. Some ridiculous ops challenges aside, this is fun and challenging.
More loadouts. You can now have a grand total of 30 loadouts so, if you’re crazy like me, you can now have a separate loadout for every character.
Platinum Story Medals. Finally a reason to really replay story mode perfectly. For every platinum medal you get on a story mode mission, you get a legendary pack. #Awesomeness

The new loot system. Don’t get me wrong: is good for what it is, but for me, where all I want is more taunts and skins, losing the faction packs hurts pretty bad.
Individual dojo. Again, don’t get me wrong: PLENTY of chance to experiment here. But I was really going for a Pro Tip tutorial for a lot of the characters.
Bot Battle. I REALLY hope this comes back. I’m not a big PVP player, so this was my chance to get some lore done and legendaries unlocked. Plus, it’s fun to have the PVP environment and not have to deal with premades roaming every where.

As you may have guessed, I haven’t ventured into the new PVP modes, so I cannot speak fully on those, but from what I’ve seen, it sends much more strategy based with draft pick mode.

So, those are my thoughts. All in all, a great update, if ONLY for the improvement in the graphics. Some good and some bad, but overall, I’m happy and will probably play even more now.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Comment away, friends!


All I want is the Epic pack back.
I still have about 5 Epics I really really want. The odds weren’t in my favor for specific pieces but now even with the faction commander packs I’m lucky to see any Epics at all


Sorry, no time to comment - too busy playing :stuck_out_tongue:

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One thing I’d add to the dojo is it’s single player only, if nothing else make it an area where 2 players can go in and 1v1. You can test more in depth interactions or even practice actual ways you’d fight another human


Yesyesyes yes plz

Also healing, how can i test my max healing?!

We should have a dummy to heal and dmg to test numers on shields and hp.


my opinions so far:

  • i hadnt played in a few months (due to release of many other anticipated games and life in general) so it was enough to get me playing again!

  • i agree graphic and framerate improvements change the game for the better.

  • beatrix is really fun to use.

  • gear screen is still really hard to organize. there should be a way to highlight duplicates or let you see the pending gear you just won so you can decide to delete those or not before deleting the gear you already have. for example, if you open a loot pack and only have 1 slot available, it lets you delete the new gear and pick which one to add. they should have this system for pending gear that you just won in matches.

  • not sure what i think about core loot packs. i never really grinded for gear in the past so i guess it doesnt matter that much to me. also i play mostly pve so im still getting some of the older packs from the loot drop

  • new OPS seems much more straightforward than the last one (very good!). i found the last one (Toby?) really frustrating with all the different levels and platforms. if i fell down i would get lost constantly because it seemed like there was only a few places you could hit an air lift and even then you come up on the wrong side you have to get all the way across to the one exit on the other side of the room. once you play it a bunch of times it was better but i was so frustrated at first and stopped trying for a while until my mind was clear.

  • drops - so far ive had a lot more drops than before. won many new skins by barely doing anything so this is good.

  • interface - overall i think it is improved and easier to navigate between menus. everything looks much cleaner

  • character selection screen - im still trying to decide what i think of this. i play mostly pve ops or story modes and i feel a little confused still in the menus. maybe im just not used how the characters are organized yet? is there a way to group by faction? sometimes i want to get one of the challenges where i have to win multiple matches with a certain faction and i am struggling to find those guys amid all the other characters. before you could sort by faction or alphabetical. now it seems like they are only grouped by type of character?

  • daily/weekly challenges - i havent been on for a while so not sure if this was a new feature or one they did in the last patch, but defintely like this one. always like to have some goal to shoot towards

  • dojo mode - seems pretty straight forwarder. i went in there with beatrix first to test her moves and it was a good way to get the feel for the character before getting destroyed in the game.

I need so many epics. It’s all I’ve bought. Still don’t have some basic Deande ones

New in this update. I also noticed that some of them are for credits, and some for platinum. THAT’S an interesting change right there that I haven’t seen anyone comment on yet. I now have 8 platinum in my account!

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yeah i saw this as well. got 32 somehow i dont know if it was from just these missions or there was some that i got in some other way. but i have never seen them give out platinums for anything. always nice to have earn them without actually having to pay. i dont mind getting only a small amount its still something to work collect. i dont spend credits on much because i feel like unless you just spam loot packs there isnt much to use it on. everything needs platinum and there is not usually a credit eqivalent (i have season pass so not paying for the heroes)

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My 2 cents.

I will not say what I like, because it’s everything else I didn’t mention.

  • Chat bug on the character selection screen. You can only see ~3-4 words.

  • When you choose your character - you skip the loadout and go straight to skins. WHY? Loadout is the most important thing after you select the character.

  • I always loved the “lock in” when you have finished your character/loadout/skin/taunt selection. I need that confirmation back! (I know, not necessary but it made you feel that you really did everything right and you are ready to go into a match).

  • Right before the match starts, the “vs” screen is too small. my character is always at the bottom and It is always cut in half. I can’t even see Kelvin’s mouth. They are just too stacked and too big. The previous screen was just 100 times better.

  • There are no steam profile pictures near player titles and names anymore.

  • Meltdown is very very very very very very very and one more time - very bad. It’s so hard to comeback and the matches are way too short. No satisfaction. Win or lose. Please give us back the old Meltdown. Where can I sign a petition for that?

  • Would be awesome if there was a possibility to change/pick the color of command menu. I really liked the green, it was much better for the eyes.

  • I started to experience some serious fps drops. Sometimes I need to change the resolution from higher to lower and vice versa to fix it. it’s no fun when on one match you get constant 100-120 fps and the other one 9-13 fps on the same map.

  • I think the DOJO should have a box (or smth) with a button in the middle of a map which would summon a minion wave every time you click on it. That way you could summon like 3 waves at the same time, or wave after wave after wave without waiting.

  • Overall, I think only Incursion can have longer games now. Meltdown is ~10 minutes and you can barely reach level 5-6, Capture ends in a blink of an eye now. Face-off is decently paced, but still ~10 minute matches most of the time.

  • Thank you for giving Platinum with quests, but… seriously, 4 Platinum quests. Like… Seriously? I will gonna need to play more than 200 days, every single day, to get that ONE 1k skin. Totally worth it! Not.


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Agree with gear organization and character select.

I just realized that you can only get the legendary packs for story platinum once. Kinda lame, IMO.

Although, I’m sure/hoping you can get another for advanced levels.