My very nerdy Borderlands Engagement Proposal

Hey all. Hopefully I’m dropping this in the right place. I just thought I’d share my engagement proposal I put together for my fiancé a while back. The whole thing was Borderlands themed. I put a lot of work into it, and I’m too proud of it not to share it with the community and the makers of the game.

Here’s a link to the complete write-up to our little story with videos, screenshots, and photos:

And heres the short version of what you’ll read about:
• Made an iPhone mini app/game with the Borderlands’ styled interface. Has 8 missions, leveling up, and rewards. Included original sound clips directly from the game (interface SFX, Claptrap, and Tiny Tina).
• Made a custom iPhone case with the Echo Device design on it. Had to rework it a little in photoshop to fit with the shape of the iPhone case.
• 3D printed Shield Generator of my own design. And 3D printed loot crate to house the ring. I built them in Cinema 4D, and sourced out a local 3D printer.
• The whole thing was planned out in a way so that the “real live” Borderlands adventure game plotted out our 3 day vacation away. And the missions were each actions leading up to the proposal itself.

Down the road I’m thinking of making an entirely new version of it for a surprise anniversary or something. :smiley:

I hope you guys like it!


I’m guessing she said “Yes”.

Since if you dropped that on me, I WOULD’VE MARRIED YOU.

Excellent work. I am genuinely impressed.


Haha thanks, and yeah she did. We leave for Paris next week for our wedding. I really hate myself for not getting the actual proposal one recorded on video or something. It was pretty epic. She could barely answer the question, crying too much lol.



This is awesome! I’ll def be sharing this with the team. SUPER COOL! I may also be hitting you up this week to include this in the community blog.


Wow cool, thanks joe. That’s totally fine by me!

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That is sooooooo adorable! Amazingly creative and unique. I wish you both the best of luck for the future <3

It’s getting harder each day being creative with proposals nowadays. I need to think of something… Yes, I have a girlfriend too folks >_<

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Thank you. I hear you. I had been trying to come up with something for a good proposal for months, then one day it just hit me. Started with just 1 good idea and I just kept writing down everything that flowed afterwards. Even the bad ideas. Just have to get through them all until you can start cutting out the bits you don’t like.

Awww … :0)

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This is amazing and I think I love you :blush:


Beautiful. Just beautiful.


Woot! Congrats to you and well done :slight_smile:


I say you read Scooters poem to her in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The Missus and I have been playing BL2 since it came out, and we’ve loved it and bonded over it so much. Her lock screen on the phone is a photo of Krieg and Maya, and when she unlocks it, it is one of us in a rather similar stance (despite us not planning it).

I think it is endearing that you two love the game that much.


I think you’re on to something. I may just have to change my vows to Scooters poem haha. Pretty sure she’d kill me though.

Thats pretty rad you guys share the same kind of thing over the game.

I forgot to mention, I got Vault cuff links for the suit :smiley:


You’re my spirit guide/animal.

She LOVES YOU, she’ll forgive you for one little poem at the Eiffel tower. As for the Ceremony, I’d stick with something a bit more traditional. I don’t mean one of Herbert’s haikus by that.

I used to scream Torgue quotes on the high swing at the water park. I was asked to “stop” by the staff. Which I thought was rude, since I was using the more PG ones.

One Wine Tasting we went to, I was avoiding being peddled to by the distributors who would want my business, so I introduced myself as Marcus, and kept a Russian accent going for a period of time. Trust me when I say, BL has caused my loved ones minor grief as well.


Congrats! :smiley:

You’re my spirit guide/animal

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Now I want a N.O.A.H shield. Like the 3DD1.E as a shield, but with huge health regen, and a knockback when shield is down. The core package is a little package (think delibird) that explodes with whatever element the shield is.


I can make that happen. But it will be a possessed. And it’s mouthy. Like the guns on Elpis.

The best thing I’ve read all day.

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