My very nerdy Borderlands Engagement Proposal

i was more talking to @JoeKGBX and @Jeffybug for game inclusion. But that’d be cool.

Awesome! I guess I saw that nice thingy some days ago in the web and was like “OMFG I wish my boyfriend would be so creative!!!” xD Great work, I wish you the best :slight_smile:

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Congrats! What an amazing proposal! I’m sure she was very impressed by the amount of thought and work you put into it. I wish you both lots of happiness (and co-op gaming) for your future.
My husband and I have been married for over 30 years and we game together. It makes for a happy marriage :slight_smile:


My wife would’ve said ‘No’; she’s not the biggest fan of ‘Boringlands’. She does let me have BL paintings and maps and toys about the house though, so she’s still an angel!

Congratulations and all the best for your new mission!

i would’ve been laughed at.

Gearbox! Hire this dude for something!


What he said! ^

Hey @noahyamen, did you see you made Kotaku?

Ohhhhh my god. Kinda freaking out a little bit. Also saw it was on the borderlands facebook page. This is crazy!


Hey there, Cinema 4D employee AND Borderlands player here. Amazing, super-cool proposal! Wish you the best!

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hire him to photoshop me into the game

OMG u rock!!! My hubby just proposed and it was nothing like that… Boy he is trouble. Maybe I should say no now lol jk


I spoke about you to the Missus, who had seen your proposal on the Borderlands page.

She began saying how there was this very sweet proposal and so on. I told her; “you must be speaking of my spirit guide.” Then told her about the thread.

She said to tell you that your idea was awesome and she wishes you two have the happiest of memories together.


So awesome. Tell her thanks!

Welp, we just got back a couple weeks ago from the the wedding in Paris, and honeymoon in Santorini. Thought you guys would like to know a dork who proposes to his with a video game theme can actually keep the girl haha. So here’s a few pics from the trip.

This is the badass ring she had custom created: Left half is dinosaur bone, right half is meteorite!

In Greece, we had a comic book artist/tattooist draw up matching tattoos and we had them done on our last day there. Our own version of king and queen.





Rented a BMW GS650 while staying on the island for the week. I absolutely loved the little thing. Next spring I was already thinking of purchasing some sort of adventure bike to add to the family for our longer trips together. After riding this thing, I’m pretty dead-set on a GS, but more like the 1200. All of our other bikes are just custom single seaters.


That all looks amazing, congrats again.

Also its rare I find a ring to look interesting but that baby is badass.

These are awesome shots! Thanks for sharing, @noahyamen!

Whoa this is just about the coolest thing ever. Congratulations man! :grinning:

Needs more flakker.