My view on state of Borderlands 3

pretty much need to keep editing this Post now because we have mods shuting down my posts because someone eles made a post about the Same topics months ago or the day the game released. Just trying to give an honest opinion on the state of game. Clearly they don’t care and just want me to be apart of post with 1000+ comments so my ideas will never be seen or heard :expressionless:

world drops are a plague and need to be removed from boss drop tables.
People who support farming 1 boss to obtain all the world drops are NOT true Borderlands players. And they only want the EASY way.

(Chests In DLC areas - I’m not 100% sure about this one) chests don’t drop dlc items and only drop base game world drops.

Boss loot is oddly placed: Hardest boss in the game)drops a decent item/ Easy boss- drops the best gun in the game. Also chubby’s have no dedicated drops and that is just stupid.

Circle of slaughters/ proving grounds- are not rewarding for the time commitment. Cool in concept but without a guaranteed drop it’s a flop.

Currently A few bosses in DLC4 are harder then the guardian takedown on true takedown… someone should have a look at that -_-

Door in Ascension bluff still not open.

60-70% of base game legendary items are trash due to Power-creep/Mayhem 10 update

not even going to discuss characters because as a Zane main so many useless skills,
Or just gimmicks that don’t do enough damage. (Barrier tree should be reworked)

Atlas HQ is a one and done area- you run through During the mission. But if you ever go back it’s completely empty except the Power troopers and Katagawa Jr.

last but not least- True vault hunter mode is only good for fighting 99% anointed enemies in Jacobs estate. And doesn’t give better chance for dedicated drops in any aspect of the game.

  • Stoped playing
  • Still playing and enjoying all the BS

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The game is pretty much a running joke for months now.


I would say we need a 3rd voting option: still playing but it isn’t as fun as it was.

Also double voting is possible I just did. Not meaning to but yeah


I agree the world drops are kinda like a plague now. However your last statement is a no true scotsman fallacy. I don’t think you can judge a true BL player just by that.

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okay so
1, drops are kinda ■■■■■■, everything you dont want is dropping like rain, purples are worthless and it gets worse the more dlc is coming out because the dlc event legendaries are so overtuned and op sometimes dealind 10-20x the dmg of the purple variant which btw is rly insane, it should be like purples are 10-20% stronger but do not have the legendary effects, this way legendaries are still rly rly good, but purples are at least a look now… my opinion

2, things you do want like some named enemy drops, mission rewards from dlcs, or some base game rewards are a hassle to get
you cant tll me on console that its a valid strategy to replaying an entire game to get to the dlc ending and doing another sidequest to get a single mission reward… like cmon…

3, personally i think proving grounds and circle legendary drops ( more or less the ones dropping from the bosses, or the special chest ) should have a overall buff like an annointment as an additional bonus to make them be stronger then the normal versions, and its 1 buff not 10
like for example if you do the survival trial then you get lifesteal in the legendaries dropping from final boss or chest
or strength givs you a flat 20% dmg increase to the dmg / elemental stat
this would make farming this rly cool interesting and open up more options

4, dlc 4 is bloated and everybidy knows it, health bars are a big problem but i can almost promise nothing is gonna happen
after dlc 4 i dropped the game so hard, it dissapeared from my pc out of fear i smash my mouse and keyboard into the nightsky

5, there are so many things broken right now,
ppl cry for an eternity that guardian breach is kinda trash due to sseveral issues, and the best solution is so just make the mobs less tanky, cuz the platforming and random ■■■■■■■■ that COULD happen, speak you fall off the map or an edge, or randomly get shot down or whatever
it CAN happen, and it will be like… do i have to replay all this again cuz of this?

rly if they would cut overall hp of everything in there by around 40-50% it be a faster raid with less frustration
i mean vs maliwan takedown it rly is alot spongier then that

6, the door at ascension bluff propably is just cut content and there isnt going to be anything, MAYBE they make it so that its part of dlc 5 and you gotta pay for it. who knows, like you go there accept the quest there and bam you go. but anything can happen…
it might maybe never get released or by the end of the year…

7, atlas hq would be a little cancer if you had to fight through the map to get to katagawa, it is already a pest to get to katagawa ball, would like to have more points to teleport to, but yeah that wont happen.
like give me an item i can use on quicksave stations and i can teleport there, its one time use and has to be placed or taken, so you can swap these points, it would make some farms alot better honestly ( like you have 1 at a time, it doesnt consume itself, zelda breath of the wild had this so you can choose a spawn to teleport to, rly handy actually)

8, i still wait for the day the shredifier is worth the 200 bullets per enemy on mayhem 10, vs any other good AR that can do the job in 10 or less shots

9, i mean overall its just rly stuff you could fix if you want.
so while i hate to say it,
quit the game… i havent touched it in some time and yes, its a shame and my money is lost in gearboxes maw, but they make you buy dlc 5 and the 4th skilltree together even if you dont want the mode
the dlcs arent that great vs other bl titles
patches and the first year showed no interest in rly fixing the issues instead of patching stuff up a bit and pretend it doesnt exist
example is mayhem 2.0 or classmod bandaids like zane who is baindaid the vault hunter

maybe in 3 years somebody does a steam patch for the community like borderlands 2 reborn, and it will do the needed things
:I it is all we can do as gearbox activly does this thing where you scream i cant hear you and ignore everything
which i think just bloates the problem
if they would just say, okay, look this is what we want to do, and its a list with stuff
such as rework of mayhem, or mayhem mods, or skillrees 1-3 or whatever
we could say, ALRIGHT they know what the problems are
but thats not the case

I really don’t want to advocate for the power creep of BL2 guns
But at least the drop rate was so much more satisfying
Sure, it wasn’t much that you actually got
Warrior drops a legendary once a full day of farming
But it’s actually fun to walk through the pile of green, blue and purple items and look for anything gold or pink
Idk. might be nostalgia but BL3 just feels wrong in that regard
Trashing 99% of legenaries/not even picking them up is weird


bl2 felt so good…mmhhhh
i mean if a legendary dropped it was immidiatly so good
even better when you suddenly see a pearl… it looks so innocent, but god damn pearls… MHHHHH

i play borderlands for that
when after a long day you get this one legendary and it feels great

in bl3 it rains legendaries all day, most of them suck and thats the game.
sad somehow
rly again most of the issue is how many there are, how weak most of them are ( including purples and uniques)
they rly need to make it drop less, get rid of mayhem and all that junk, it rly does nothingthen just split the drops between bosses

due to no mayhem most stuff suddenly works on highest difficulty, getting 1 legendary no matter annoints or stats is instantly better and you dont NEED to get a perfect version to even feel a single anything
you get 1 and ur happy for that. the perfect version is where the ■■■■ is then

also yes alot of stuff in bl2 sucked too, but again legendaries where fun to hunt, and pearls where a thing


Don’t forget that unique blue/purples were a thing too. They helped with niche builds and interactions.

I remember learning about “shield x” and re-running the main and side quests for it. (Helps that the story was tolerable)

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I stopped playing after the last mediocre and boring dlc, now that the SP has run out there is no point wasting my precious time with this anymore. Watching long loading screens for the pitiful chance of a useful drop is torture and not enjoyable in the slightest.

I have spent many happy hours playing Monster Hunter World Iceborne. It has loads of free content and events. You don’t have to pay for extra skill trees and very easy to play with others, it doesn’t crash my ps4 all the time and is actually fun, everything this game isn’t.

I log on once or twice a week to trade with players. Sometimes I’ll take a few missions off sanctuary’s bounty board for quick kills (f*** Maxtrillion though)

Other than that, haven’t played seriously since I cleared DLC 4. And I barely had the motivation to even do that.

i have never read anything more wrong than this. 90% of pears down right sucked and good 80% of legendaries were worse than good purples please for the love of god… what is this purple spectacles for bl2 game was a train wreck in terms of high tier red text guns. every time i read something like this my mad level reaches peak. like really? you wanna drop here a list of leggos seraphs and pearls that were not even worth picking up? do not do this man bl2 was feeling good for different reason, it was your skill points that mattered not anointed gear transfering ridiculous damage/mayhem scaling elevating skill dmg beyond repair.

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you clearly misread what i was saying

having a strong gun
and getting after a shitload of nothing 1 legendary that does something cool
are two different things

i dont even denie that alot of bl2 guns sucked, but still any legendary i got in bl2 felt better to get then it feels in bl3,
and again its more that you get only so much

and in OP lvls which has the same issue as mayhem, most stuff doesnt work
which is why i keep saying that mayhem and op must go away, forever

We’ve been over this MANY times before. World drops are in a separate pool to boss drops: WORLD DROP RATES DO NOT AFFECT DESIGNATED DROP RATES

And biased poll is biased.

Closing as we already have a thread for “Why have you stopped playing”, as well as plenty of other threads for suggesting improvements to the game.

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Folks that want to talk about why they’ve stopped playing can do so here: