My VIP Friend Referral link doesn't work!

I have been very active redeeming all the codes I can find and all but I still can’t get the rewards I want because my referral link is broken or something. First of all I can’t copy it, the link just don’t get copied even when I click to copy it (Ctrl+C does not work either), then i have to write it as its shown to sucessfully share it. When someone else uses it, it just goes to the frontpage of the VIP program without any kind of connection to my referral. The worst thing is that more than one friend of mine have signed up through my link and registered into the VIP program but no points were credited to me!!! Please I need help, if I can get a reply from someone on Gearbox I would be very grateful.
I’ll put a screenshot of the bugged link and the link over here.

I have seen other posts about this in the forums so it seem as if i’m not the only one with this problem, this needs to be adressed!

Link (copied from the page source code):

Two things:

  • Either your browser is treating the underscore characters either side of the ‘cts’ as equivalent to spaces, or the forum platform is treating them as invalid formatting commands. I’m not 100% clear if the underscores are part of the link however.

  • The forum platform doesn’t recognise everything from the ? onwards as a domain name so it isn’t including that as part of a link.

There are ways to get around that on the forums, however we are asking that people don’t use the forums as a link exchange site since that rather defeats the point of the scheme. Instead, please spread your referral link through your other social media channels.

Quick question: when you typed out your link, did you include the underscores or not?

The “_” is part of the link as mentioned above by VH101, I guess it won’t work without it.

What has me puzzled is that if you paste the link with the _ in to a browser, the page redirects to without the referral. However, if you paste the link as it appears in your post without the _ the referral is retained at the login/sign-up page. I don’t know which one gives you the referral count, however.

The one with “_”, cause I always post my link with it and I have reached the cap.

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So, I used the underscores and it didn’t count. I think I will try without the underscores and see if it works, but one thing I’m thinking is possibly the problem, is that maybe the “?” is actually a character that is not recognised. :confused:

Just click below and it should work fine. Forum dispalys the link without “_” but it’s still there if you look at source.

Hi, I am having a similar problem. A number of my friends have registered through the link but Iam not seeing the points come through on my account. Is there something else that we should be doing?
Any advice would be helpful?