My Vote Goes To TEDIORE For "Most Fun Guns!" In Borderlands 3

Ok, so I’m pretty overleveled at this point (first character, level 29, still on Normal mode, only on chapter 11 of 24, but with 46 hours of playtime already :joy::joy::joy:) and, due to taking every opportunity to test weapons repeatedly on respawned mobs and bosses, chest / vendor farming, and doing every possible objective and bit of exploring on every map before I advance the main storyline, I’ve got a pretty Damn good Inventory and Bank full of gear.

So, at this point, since combat isn’t exactly what I would call “difficult” (although there are still bits that catch me by surprise!), I’ve been all about just trying out guns, seeing how they all perform.

Honestly, Gearbox really outdid themselves this time around with the zany, wacky madness of Tediore guns and the unique actions they perform when reloaded and thrown.

Fire your gun once or twice, press square, and watch your gun become a little turret with legs (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 little turrets with legs if you’re fast enough!) running down enemies, shooting at them AND TAUNTING THEM (not unlike Captain Traunt) all the while before they converge on the enemy and explode, watching your gun fly through the air like a glowing rocket with a big glowing SHOOT ME!!! holoprojected from It (you can shoot them while they fly for an extra damaging explosion), taunting the enemy as it homes in on them and explodes, having your gun become 3-4 deadly homing projectiles, etc, etc…SO UNIQUE and SO FUN!

I’m sure they’re not great for Mayhem Levels or other high difficulty end game content, and I don’t care.

I currently have a Tediore weapon in every slot and I feel like I’m commanding a small, crazy, weapon army!

I wish they had put this much attention, time, and thought into the evolution of other weapon manufacturers as well!


I actually put them dead last in my rankings for manufactures. Tediore just doesnt click with me. They feel like using mosquitoes to take down a truck of insecticide. They’re too niche to be viable though I give them credit on the designs. Just wish their stats were better.

Vladof though is a hoot. Having a missile launcher or shotgun on your sniper rifle is awesome, and their Pistols are amazing. The Vladof pistols are very high on my ranking, i’d use em more if they had more ammo in the clips but tazers, duel barrels for firing speed, and zip rockets. Yeah that’s up my alley.


The Boo+ & The Polybius are awesome tediore weapons. Basically any tediore that turns into a turret is awesome for taking aggro off of you. And if you play moze, the turrets seem to get all of her incendiary/critical bonuses

full disclosure: i only read a little of your paragraph but i will say as a Moze player, the shreddifier is the best and tediore is almost in last place (atlas is in last). with the super shreddifier i can almost get a 1:1 return on my ammo so i literally use 2k rounds before needing to reload (no i didnt count but it barely declined). also, Vladof guns are just way cooler.

Dude,did you tip moxxi yet,like in BL2?It ain’t tediore but will surely make you laugh , guaranteed.Some good memories :slight_smile:

I’m talking FUN, guys, not weapon stats!

Same.But dont blame me if you die :rofl:


I can’t even remember the last time I died in BL3…getting careless with Zer0-Gawa, maybe?

EDIT: And my cheap butt has tipped Moxxi exactly 100 credits…for the Trophy! :joy::joy::joy:

Haha kawasaki , I really don’t wanna spoil it for you but the gun is “Slippery when wet”.I dont remember if she pulls is out of her rack this time around tho. :rofl:

…but you will anyway!


My younger brother already told me about it, he tipped her good, I’ll get my own eventually.

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Ahhhh so you know , its all ruined now. Well haha wish your brother good luck with that gun from me.Cheers.

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There are two guns, a blue assault rifle, and a purple SMG. If there is more, I’d like to know.

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Maliwan…no competition :slight_smile:

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Tediore is surprisingly better this time around, except that the Handsome Jackhammer is a Hyperion =P “Uhh hello, I’m a gun” when idling is great.

I actually find Torgue to be more fun though, get a good elemental AR and stick it to the badasses by the time your clip is empty you can just move onto the next mob (at least at the level you’re playing, maybe not a single clip in MM3 TVHM).

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Kinda makes sense because Handsome Jack took over Hyperion :rofl: but yeah that gun.
I was wondering whats happening when I was alt+tab on the game.


The turrets are awesome! :slight_smile:
Not all Tediore are turrets though… Like when they turn into grenade that doesn’t as fun nor as good… I think…

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The big question is can any gun top this one out.


Ive been maining Moze since I first saw her and her skill tree (goddamn she makes Torgue Flexington proud!) and although I obviously run a LOT of Torgue weaponry on her, I’ve been testing all the Tediore weapons I find(because goddamn mother ■■■■■■■ EXPLOSSSIONS!!!) and they hit like a truck with Moze’s Demolition tree backing them up.

I’m gonna make Tediore Moze the next FOTM build and put the infinite Hex spam to shame. True story. Just gimme a few weeks to out it together.

One big sad though, is LOVED the Baby Maker in BL2. Hell, I had an op10 Slag Baby Maker that I used on Krieg just to get second winds(was also boss as ■■■■ on Duki’s mom)…

Anyways, in 2 it’s was badass on Krieg and Axton especially.

Well, I got a Baby Maker as a world drop a few nights ago and it is now a pistol instead of an SMG. Okay, no problem. Right? I went to test it out and it is absolutely horrible now. I mean worthless. Big sad. :frowning: It chews through ammos at an insanely ridiculous pace and does ■■■■ all for damage. Now instead of chucking and hitting like a mack truck,it’s splits into 4 worthless mirv style munitions and does worse than ■■■■ all for ■■■■. Man, I was disappointed.

Regardless, a lot of the Tediore weapons are REALLY good. I’ll post links you some vids Flames when I am ready to dominate the world. Gimme a few weeks.

It’s happening. Mwahaha

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I prefer Dahl. All their guns feel so tight and solid. The ones that mode swap between burst fire and fully automatic fire makes me O.

If I can find an elemental Barrage at level 50 my life will be complete. I love my Hornet and AAA pistols.

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I never used a Tediore gun in BL3 they just feel wrong.