My weird non-canon lore, without playing story mode

So I have not played the campaign yet, but I read tidbits of lore unlocked while playing and found in the wiki guide.

My mind usually wanders off to fill in the blanks whenever I face a character design or lore idea that does not go into the specifics… so, before I find out what actually IS the story of Battleborn, I would like to share the impressions and ideas I got. For fun!

  • I do believe Kid Ultra was a human boy once. He looks so much like a superhero-themed Robocop that the association is unavoidable. And there is that one taunt where you see his face that just adds to the whole Robocop feel! So he is a boy who was turned into a cyborg and then something happened and now he is crazy and he thinks he is a cartoon superhero. (I was surprised that the official lore implies he is a toy babysitter. He really looks like a cyborg to me.)

  • The planet of the avian race got destroyed and only a few of them survived. Horrible! Ernest saved some fellows but he could not save his mommy (maybe he was a hatchling when it happened?) Benedict lost a wing. Toby became bipolar… no, wait, maybe he always was.
    So Ernest is rude and stonecold because deep down he misses mommy. Benedict is flashy and arrogant because he is insecure about his broken wing. Toby feels helpless.

  • The human race colonized many planets! Sometimes the humans living for centuries in the colonized planets developed minor genetic variations. That is, maybe in Montana’s planet everyone got very big over the generations because there was a lot of oxygen.

  • But the eldrid were never humans. I imagine this planet that was full high fantasy, with dragons and magic crystals. And the main race were these elves living with nature. And they lived all medievally until the humans arrived from space bringing their technology with them. Some eldrid kept their traditions like Thorn and Boldur, others lived with humans and became more like them, using guns and all.

  • The clone project that created Mike and Foxtrot was a plan to make half-human half-alien soldiers who would fight against the aliens for the humans! Think about a Gears Of War or Halo of Resistance trope of humanoid aliens at war with humans. Long time ago the war ended and the humans wiped out all those aliens by using their own species against them with the clone project. Ironically, now all that is left of that poor alien race are those mutated clones. Is Foxtrot really defective, or does he understand too well the horrible implications of his origins?

  • The Jennerit are one of the many genetic variatons of the future humans: they use nanomachines and cyberstuff to be always young like vampires.

And that is all! I know most if not all of these theories are wrong. But I just wanted to share all what passed through my mind while I was playing multiplayer matches!


Oh my God, no… Just no… A lot of your non-cannon lore is off unfortunetely, but i ALMOST find this^ offensive because of how invested i am in the Avian lore… I honestly don’t know where to start correcting here… @Benedict_87 and @nbrownlie237, a little help? BRING DUCT TAPE!! LOTS OF DUCT TAPE!! AND LIQOUR!!

For now, i will just say that Toby ISN’T bipolar, he has an inferiority complex, as well as SEVERE anger issues in regards to his appearance. When the UPR rejected him after Menneck-B (The Avian home-system, not planet) was darkened by the Varelsi (meaning they pulled it’s star into Varelsi space) BECAUSE of his cute appearance, Toby kinda snapped and started being more violent. He built Berg, joined the Rogues, and now has a tendency to violently destroy everyone who insults his appearance.

He is also FIERCELY loyal to Reyna and has a crush on her, recruited Pendles to the Rogues, and hates Benedict for seemingly no other reason than he is (or at least WAS) a flight-capable Aviant. Although it is not explicitly stated anywhere in the lore (to my knowedge), it is implied that there is a deep-seeded dislike between flightless and flight-capable Aviants.

I guess you could say that Toby DOES feel helpless without Berg, to the point where he rarely leaves his mech since he built it; he even has some dialog that suggests Berg is Toby’s “best friend”, which is sad. Orendi either strongly respects or has a crush on Toby, with the latter theory appearing to be the popular one; there is no lore suggesting how Toby feels about her, but given his personality, it is safe to assume he would be terrified of her.

I will leave Benedict and Ernest to my aforementioned buddies, who know more about their lore than i do. :slight_smile:

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@HandsomeCam Well, nothing you wrote so far contradicts my own personal lore so far, so I like what I read. But I am bracing myself and waiting for stuff that does contradict my headcanon.

Unless that would spoil me all of the story mode campaign.

In that case I guess I’d rather find out myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aside from minor things like Toby being bipolar and the Avian homeworld (of which there are apparently several, but only “Madan” is mentioned in the lore) being destroyed, you mean?

I could go into Benny and Ernest’s lore, but there are others who know as much about them as i do about Toby, and i will let them handle it, should they choose.

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Most of your lore ideas are backstory stuff, which you’re more likely to find through challenge unlocks and Official posts via the Battleplans and lore subforum. The story is…somewhat lacking when it comes to major character development. You’ll get some hints depending on who you’re playing as, but you kind of need that backstory to put it all together.


Oh come on, diagnosing psychological diseases to fictional characters is a free and legit thing to do. I’ve read a lot of Batman comics. Unless the author of the character specifically states they’re not something. :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you know what a bipolar personality is? Sudden, repentine mood swings, ranging from depressed to aggressive. Toby seems to kinda fit that?

So the avian homeworld has not been destroyed? Well that’s less pessimistic than the tragic theory I had, so I’m glad for them!


Fair enough, but the behavior Toby exhibits, as well as his dialog, leans heavily towards having an inferiority complex, in my opinion.

Yes, i am well-versed in Psychology and have an advanced understanding of various mental disorders. I almost went into Psychology as a profession, but lack the money and time for proper schooling.

There are various types of bipolar disorder, and it is kind of like the Baskin Robbins of mental disorders. While this^ does fall under one of the more common cases, Toby does NOT simply jump from depressed to aggressive without a distinguishable cause, which is usually the case with bipolar disorder. His dialog features numerous examples of deprecating and self-loathing comments, such as:

“I deserved that.”
“Nevermind, i’m awful.”
“You’re even worse at this than I am; and i’m AWFUL!”
“Stop letting me win, it’s really pissing me off!”

Also, almost every comment that Toby makes upon killing another Toby is an insult to himself. All of this implies that he has an inferiority complex, and not that he is simply depressed. The majority of his aggressive dialog is also tied to his cute appearance in one way or another, or him trying to sound/look what he thinks will make him look cool to his teammates, who he constant begs forgiveness from, and apologizes to. Toby doesn’t just “swing” to aggressive, he is triggered either by slights to his appearance, or because he is berating himself for being worthless; all of which are signs of your classic inferiority complex and a desire to be accepted by others.

EDIT: It is also quite possible that Toby was intended to be both bipolar AND have an inferiority complex. Even just looking at it from the humorous angle that is a Gearbox staple, having a bi-polar penguin is funny. I get it, if that is indeed what they were going for.






Breaking Character…

Some of this is dead on. Some of this is not. Kid Ultra is a nope. Ernest is not quite right. Benedict is spot on, but there’s more to it than that.
If you’re interested… there’s a complete lore archive here…

And official lore from Battleplans… here…


Kid Ultra still looks way too much like a Robocop to me.

I guess that would have been to dark to explicitly state in the lore?

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I really like your ideas, and enjoyed reading your post!

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Hey I recognize you from Saturday!


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Kid Ultra is meant to be more inspired from Mega Man. He is basically a lifesized version of one of the toys from Small Soldiers but where instead or turning evil, he truly belives he is the sidekick of the superhero from the TV Show (Holoshow) he is based on.




One of the people i RP with, @zadymek, has an OC named Tony, and i sometimes forget to check if i picked that or Toby out of my phone’s suggested recent words under “T”, haha.


First. Almost every doppleganger kill from any Battleborn results in an insult to himself.
Second…I can’t think of second point.

About accurate. Though from what I can gather, the RDC was a war profiteering business, they’d have probably sold clones to Rendain if he paid them enough.

Yes, and probably. He wasn’t supposed to be all monster-y, and he was supposed to be killed off with he rest of his batch.

He’s only defective because the RDC couldn’t control him, though given that he is technically a mutation of a mutated batch of clones, defective is a very good word for what he is.

EDIT: Ofc, I’m just going off of ingame lore. The stuff in the posts could be different.


Wasn’t it darkened, though? Or am I misremembering? (Not uncommon)

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Not the same though, especially after the last DLC…

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I still need to finish that. The only dlc mission that I can’t breeze through.

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