My wishlist for bl3

gore, one of the things attracted me to the first borderlands. i liked the whole dark brutal and intressting wastland filled with guns feeling it had, and the gore was big part of this atmosphire

hardmode/onelife mode/more challenge, im one of the people who loved op8. it was optinal and i think its one of the things that keep borderlands 2 alive, i would love see more challenging competetive feeling in the game.

competitive gearbox server with vac and having the option to not play on it, small indie game like dangeon defenders had it. your cahrcters on the server are separate from the charcters you have on your pc, and you can mod as much as you like as soon as you not playing competitive mode. this will be great because it will make the players who want to mod and “tear the game appart” AND the players who wanna play legit and achieve their loot both happy.

more serious story and better humor, borderlands allways had a good lore behind it but its hard to take it seriously when every second sentance of a charcter is “lol-random-meme-trolololXDDexplosionsOfMEATXDDDDDDDD” dont get me wrong, i dont mind some good dark humor here and there. but the kind of random wired humor borderlands has gets old and un-funny when it being used alot.

and thats all i can think of the top of my head, feel free to put in ur wishlists in the comments

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Hopefully they make the bosses more farmable. Iwa and the raid boss in TPS were a joke. Iwa dropped a bunch of moonstones and a few purples here and there, but that’s about it. Empyrean Sentinel takes so long to kill, meaning you’d expect him to drop some pretty good stuff, but nope. He drops so many crappy weapons, which is why I just farm Iwa. Craw back in BL1 was very easy to kill and dropped some pretty decent stuff.

And oh, I would get on my knees and kiss Gearbox’s shoes if they added something similar to the Crimson Armory that was in BL1. That was so fun to farm. The whole armory was just fun in general to explore. I miss it so much.

I want to see a balance in what I find in loot chests. I’m tired of going out on loot runs looking for guns, and five chests have grenade mods, class mods, or shields.

Also, I want to see the Badass enemies get a serious nerf in terms of how much damage they take. The way they are right now, their absolute bullet sponges. I know they have to be difficult, but they don’t need to be bullet sponges.

I would like to see more then 4 player co-op and an always on system.

I would love to have more storage space. I like holding onto some of the more unusual weapons you can get from side missions, but end up having to sell cause I want to hold onto stuff for the grinder, or get better weapons etc. Perhaps the addition of being able to purchase property to make your own vault hunter stronghold where decor could be rewards or loot from missions (kind of like the Hearthfire add-on to Skyrim).

But more importantly, more bosses to farm, more weapons, and more EXPLOSIONS!