My wonky take on Zane (Rough Rider build)

Huh? I’ve been running a barrier, drone setup with a RR for the past hour testing it out. The action skill duration resets every time I freeze someone while at full HP and regens health if I’m not at full HP. I had my drone and barrier out for 3 minutes straight at one point. Do you mean it doesn’t work with a +shield relic? If so, that makes sense

Correct. With a +shield relic it will trigger shield recharge instead of hp regen or action skill reset.
Since you have NO shield regen the proc will happen over and over.

Thank you for clarifying that for a dummy like me. That’s not a good trade-off in my opinion. I’d rather just keep the wasted points in Adrenaline just to move down to the skills that do work with a RR for the time being. Why do his skills and gear go in opposite directions as far as synergy goes? Most skills reward full shields while his best gear rewards them being depleted. It’s counterproductive to making builds for him.

actually CCC (calm cool collected) rewards you having NO shields at all… not depleated ones, but none. Its as if zane was designed with rough rider in mind at times…

A simple change that would bring skills/gear in line would be to make the game register 0/0 shield as being BOTH full AND empty. That would make all his skills “work” and bring a lot of power into this build.

I doubt they will ever do this, but it would be a very interesting “fix”.

Why should RR register as full? If you look at the item, the first thing to think would be that it might count as depleted, but never as full. Also there is the balancing issue to consider. When using RR it becomes much simpler to keep your skills active as Zane does have much more and better options to regain Health. Keeping a 10k shield with 1.5k reg. up can actually get quite tricky. You do spend 5 points for a useless skill, but at the same time you get much better options to reduce your cooldowns via CCC, so there is not a lot lost except for a potential 20% damage loss (which is the same as Infiltrator’s damage bonus).
They should consider to change RR to count as depleted so it can make use of any shield mods (runspeed etc.) but not as full, which would be quite detrimental for balancing reasons and it also would not make much sense gameplay wise.
If you want to take advantage from full shield bonuses without having to worry about your shield to much, there is still Band of Sitorak (one Freeze = full shields; it funnily will not make much use most of it’s mods as well as most of them are while depleted).

I have a query about the Rough Rider that’s been bothering me…

Does it have static perks? Meaning no matter what level the shield is, it will always have the 23% damage reduction and +35% max health? I have a level 31 version, my only RR, and wonder if it’s worth farming for another one at level 50 or does the level 31 still function the same and I don’t HAVE to farm for a level 50…

It’s always the same, but some bonusses and some anoinements might be worth getting other RR’s for

Ok, cool! I figured that’s how it worked, but wanted to be sure… And I kinda found out for myself with a youtube video showing off the glitch where you can stack the bonuses infinitely by equipping and unequipping it over and over again… but I don’t really care about that… so time for a respec! I’ve been enjoying SNTNL and Barrier but don’t spec into Barrier at all and go for all the kill skills in the other trees paired with the Seein’ Dead class mod, Electric Banjo artifact, and either a Re-charger, Transformer, or even a stop-gap if you can get it’s shield delay below 5 seconds… but I think the stop-gap would require some respec-ing to get points into the Barrier tree.

I just picked one up the other day while farming that has 80% melee damage on shield depletion, but RR has no shield. So does that mean the 80% melee damage is constant?

That is exactly what it means, any “on depleted shield” bonus on the rough rider is going to be active 100% of the time