My worst enemy is

not Wotan or Tyreen or any of those.
It’s my ammo count.
And yes, i am playing Moze and i am still running out of ammo.
I feel like i am constantly trying to not shoot anything, i don’t have to shoot because i will run out of ammo even faster.
While people are constantly asking for power creep and weapons that can kill enemies in a second. I can currently kill bosses in a few seconds. But it also takes away half of my ammo count, not even talking about shot guns. They are unusable in their current state. I am talking about pistols and SMGs.
Would it be “powercreep” to just increase everyones ammo count by like 100-200%? Would it throw off the balance of the game? I mean, Moze’ skills are about not emptying her magazine. If you empty a magazine in 1,5 seconds, these skills will also not help you to keep up your ammo count in the long run.

I just don’t want to constantly worry about not being able to shoot anymore.
“UsE cUtPourSe tEhN”


This, we have a lot of ammo hungry weapons now and we need more SDUs obviously.

Let me add that in the Blastlands what makes this more painful is that the level designers cleverly decided to not put vending machines at ANY of the fast travel stations which is just awful.


What kinda weapons are you using? I’ve never had this problem

My worst enemy? THESE:

They’re out to get me man…I have nightmares about them…they’re everywhere…and the radius is doubled whenever I accidentally blow em up… :skull_and_crossbones: :skull:

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my worst enemy is my homing grenades which constantly kill me when enemies rush me

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currently the miscreant?^^
is empties like 30 ammo in 2 seconds

Have you tried the Rocketeer CM + the “regenerate 8% of your ammo per sec. when Auto Bear is active” anointment yet?

if i find one with that anoint i will probably use it
but as i said in the OP
even with that anoint + forge + means of destruction + redistribution
it couldnt do much against the immense ammo eat of such gun
only some for the road/anointment and constant bear spamming would hold up to that
and thats just gameplay that i refuse to play
i especially love the boomsickle because its one of the guns that dont delete your ammo even in long fights