My zane was deleted

My zane was deleted. What can i do? Can the gearbox guys restore him? I am very saddened.

Any idea how/when the character disappeared?

If you don’t have a backup of your save in Cloud or USB drive you cannot do anything about it and save cannot be restored.

I had a backup on the ps4 cloud service. I downloaded a Moze i was playing with on another console and my level 50 zane is now gone. Both from cloud and ps4.
It was my main. All for a lvl 7 moze.
Cry a lot

It happened just now

You should contact directly with PlayStation support, maybe they can help.
It looks like it has nothing to do with BL3.

This is unfortunately why your save got deleted. The PS cloud sync is an all or nothing deal - if you’re going to use it to manage saves across two or more consoles, you have to do the download/upload on each one every time. It basically takes all saves from A to the cloud, over-writing anything that was there, then downloads all saves to B, over-writing anything that was there. Same thing if you’re moving saves to/from USB.

It doesn’t work that way on PS4. All created characters have unique save, so one save for settings and general&share stuff, and one for Zane, one for Moze etc.
If he downloaded only Moze on another console, and later uploaded it back to Cloud, only this one particular save will be changed (and the main one with setting and shared stuff). The Zane save should be still there. There is no autodownload option from Cloud to Console, so it can’t be auto-written with the new one.

Thanks for the replies guys. Im trying with playstation support now. And my Amara is at least still there.
My boyo is gone. I Have yet to accept it.

Good to know - that wasn’t the impression I got from previous posts around this same issue. (Accidentally deleting PS4 saves while moving between consoles seems like it’s a not uncommon problem)

Nearly the same exact thing happened to me.
I started out on Moze on a friends ps4, and when I got the game myself, I levelled a Zane to 50 and spent hour upon hour gearing him to perfection.

When I asked a Borderlands support team member if that Moze could be restored, I followed their step by step instructions to do so, and now my lvl 50 Zane with my super deluxe edition items is permanently gone. I wrote back to support that as a result of following their steps my Zane got deleted, but all they offered me was a couple of golden keys - which is an absolute pisstake in my opinion.