Mysterious Amulet revealed

C’mon!!! Some answers!
Can someone from Gearbox tell us already what the hell does this thing do??!
If it’s nothing, that’s ok, I don’t mind, I can take it, I’d understand, I’d still love you Gearbox.

IIRC it’s a reference to a Dark Souls item that did nothing and had the community going crazy trying to figure out what it did. All the amulet does as far as we know is that it makes sparkles appear underneath your feet when 2-4 people are wearing it in the same game.

Wow, that’s a good one.

this, there were several threads on the old forum discussing the “Mysterious Amulet” was good for, a lot of wild theories were brought up and shot down, in the end, it does nothing other then spawn heart shaped sparkles around the feet when 2 or more players have them equipped, and I believe there is also an achievement for getting it and that’s it

So… definitely, most certainly it will NOT cause a Cthulu-like raid boss to spawn at Unassuming Docks if you have it equiped along with other three players with consecutive prime numbers as “friendship” values right?

I get that it’s a Dark Souls reference, but I really would have liked it to be a nethack reference too, perhaps so that if you sacrificed it at the Keep, wearing an appropriately aligned class mod, you would ‘ascend’ – up to the Handsome Sorceror fight :slight_smile:

you use this amulet to get a rainbow gun in the new dlc lol