Mysterious kushan destroyer on the final level!

So, made it to the final level in the first remaster!

Take on the first wave, no problem for several armadas of attack bombers and ion frigates!

Then i notice something on sensors. There is a lone Kushan Destroyer at one of the scripted reinforcement points, with the Taiidan fleet paintjob and badge. Wut. They can’t have stolen one of mine, as i still had all 3.

Eventually, a wave of reinforcements hyperspace in, but he doesn’t react, and he doesn’t follow them.

Here they are flying away, leaving him on his lonesome :frowning:

And a bonus shot of me ‘adopting’ him and taking him home!

When he undocked from the mothership, he was my fleets colors, which isn’t that weird as salvaged ships seem to change colour schemes on a whim anyway.

Anybody else see this guy? I have no background in coding, but i simply cannot fathom how this could have occurred. He didn’t seem to have any AI, and didn’t even react to being approached by my salvage corvettes.

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Just a lost destroyer looking for a new home.


Men, I saw one of my salvaged heavy cruisers in cutscene just after bentusi saving… This cruiser was trying to enter the dock at the moment when cutscene starts xD

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Yeah i had a similar thing - the cutscene played and as the exile ships flew past you could just see aload of my ion frigates bumbling around in the backround!

Funny, but a little immersion breaking.

Gasp! It’s the destroyer that found the Beast!

HW: Cataclysm confirmed.


I don’t have a pic of it right now I’ll post later, but how about that mystery ship at the end of the garden missions, that is next to the final kadesh mothership. I wanted to capture that thing so bad. It’s got “I win button” written all over it :smiley: I think it was labeled something like “Kushan Fleet” or something like that.

Poor little feller… At least there was a happy ending! :smile:

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Cool find… perhaps he was there for the same reason the lone Turanic fighter was in Classic?

Is the fighter still there, btw? Has anyone found it yet? IIRC it was above and behind the Mothership, outside the map boundary.

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Here it is, I don’t remember it in the original game… Almost looks like a beast ship lol

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That destroyer/ion frigate takes the place of the turanic fighter.

It’s in the original game. I don’t remember seeing it in the kadesh missions but I know it was in the Junkyard.

Yes, that carrier was present in the Cathedral of Kadesh in Classic. It was placed differently; askew and obviously adrift like the transport, but in the same general area where it appears in Remastered. I think the devs put it there to hint at how the Kadeshi got their start as a military power- after all, they could hardly have used a simple transport for that, but a carrier that for one reason or another didn’t wind up in Karos with the rest of the ancient Kushan fleet would have given them just what they needed. How the Kadeshi came to possess it is anybody’s guess, since the exile convoy they broke away from wasn’t allowed any warships.

Strange, in my game it was a couple of Kushan support frigates and some Taiidan Assault Frigates. It must be some kind of random bug.

The carrier is a very odd entry. It’s pretty clearly a derelict object in HW1, but in Homeworld 2 it stays static, has sounds, and it’s own entry in the UI (instead of being unselectable like the heavy cruiser derelict or with a debris icon like all the other debris). At first I thought it could be salvageable now but it looks like not?

Hopefully when .ship files can be decoded someone can peak in and see if its a playable unit.

I wonder if someone could create a mod, where this could be a real carrier. I doubt the ship has anything setup to be a carrier, so would likely need some code. But hey could be cool.

Also I forgot to mention when I got finished with hw1, I never saw that mysterious destroyer. I wonder if it was a fluke bug or something.

It could be - did you have a sensors array? I did - i only just happened to spot it when i was panning around the map

Yep! I had a sensors manager, albeit I had to rebuild it. You can definitely tell when you don’t have one.

I didn’t have the mysterious destroyer. I did have the mysterious corvette though:

What the heck?

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Oh wow!

That is so strange, I’m keen to see what other people encounter now!

I hope you captured it! :smiley: