Mysteriously getting downed for no apparent reason?

Been having some very odd happenings as of late with BL3 not going to lie. Seems like my bullets are getting reflected on mayhem 4, or I’m dying to my own DOTs or something. Playing Zane, no out of the ordinary gear or anything. I could replicate everytime while using the pestilence on Aurelia when she is on top of her ice column. Does she reflect damage up there or something? It’s happened other places too but that was one I could obviously control due to the nature of her fight. Was happening to a friend of mine running Fl4k as well the day before, but wasn’t to me. Super annoying glitch or what? Anyone else having this or have any thoughts?

What Mayhem modifier did you have? I believe reflected bullets is still one that people complain about.

Do you have a shield with the awful projects-while-crouched ability?

Are you sure it’s not the Pestilence killing you? When it breaks it creates a radioactive explosion that hurts the user.

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This is why I asked, it very well could be. It’s so hard to tell what these weapons do and Gearbox for some reason thinks it’s a cute game to not just tell you what weapons do and don’t do so I figured I’d ask someone who is more knowledgeable here :smiley: Cheers for the response.

In general, any self damage bypasses health gate. This is why things like Tediore reloads (especially the “shoot me” one that can get hit by enemy fire), larger explosions from Torgue Cross Promotion and Mind Sweeper grenades on Moze, and radiation explosions (even from dead anointed enemies, until the dot would normally expire) will all often down you outright.


Yeah, my Moze got downed a couple times when she was shooting one of the new Anarchy guns after I tossed it before I figured out what was happening.
Self-Damage is worse than 30% reflect modifier, lol (and God help me if I get BOTH…)

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LoL. Yeah, I killed myself with the Anarchy a bunch of times before I figured out why. Took a while to ever see the orb because I was blasting it everytime before I could even see it.

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I am not using the projector shield, whatever it’s called, and in the archives of the tentacle dlc I almost get one shot by certain ranged abilites with full shield. Checked it several times now, even doing nothing in order to rule out some reflected damage or other source. Thats just bull…

Yeah, those guys pack quite a punch.

seen enemies use diffrent launchers (not so spammy as the old ones) and a lot of times enemies get a 30 or even 40% damage increase now… they don’t realy 1shot you but you can’t hide (everything in this game uses an aimbot clearly as they snipe you down with a rocketlauncher from across the map)

i’ve been going down a LOT since the new DLC hahaha also DoT feels realy broken… more often then not i get a DoT effect without even knowing where it came from, it just melts your shield and then you just see your health disapear! (you can quickly reload your game if you’re fast enough and don’t want to die but that’s just anoying and money is easy to earn)

problem is, there’s so much changing in this game and we get so little info on WHAT actualy changed… they just throw you the more obvious things into a patch note and let you figure out the other things (or at least, that is what it feels like to me)

just went down with zane (100% health and shield) because of splash damage… so i think it’s safe to say that splash damage is broken ATM

Yeah, that’s my recent revelation as well. Came back after quite some time for the patch and I am not sure if splash damage is supposed to circumvent the shield. Happens quite often at the moment.

happens on both zane and amara for me :wink:

with amara i get so much DoT that it eats my shield and then my health just vanishes in 1 second or so…

with zane, i just go into FFYL for no apparent reason (also with full shield/health wich on zane is allways full due to C,C,C)