Mystery behind the Battle School's computer terminals: Solved

GBX has been very sneaky in hiding ops points around the Battle School, including hiding one behind some sort of puzzle. I’m not sure at how many people are already aware of this, but I certainly wasn’t until @Ashbweh showed me.

In a room just before you head towards the teleporters that begin the first wave of Battle School, you’ll pass a glass screen with three Mikes behind it. In front of these Mikes are three computer panels which you can interact with, as shown below.

Provided that you select the correct panel, it will cause a chest containing an ops point to spawn just to the right of them. Selecting wrong however, will briefly deactivate the panels and you’ll have to wait a couple of minutes before you can try again.

Before, we were just randomly choosing which panel it might be and hoping for the best, but we’d often get it wrong and end up waiting to try again, only to guess incorrect again. :confounded:
I thought there must be something somewhere around here that hints what the right panel may be instead of it just being random each time. So, after a little bit of searching, this is what I found:

In the very first room of the Story Op, where the OM hologram appears, you’ll see three more Mikes on the left and right hand sides. Now, if you take a closer look at the Mikes on the left, you’ll notice this:

The Mike on the left will always be doing something different compared to the other two Mikes. He’ll either be upside down, sitting, or banging on the glass of his barrel. It varies each time you run through the Op. In this case, he’s upside down.

Now, going back to the room with the computer panels, notice the positions the Mikes are in. Familiar? This is how you are able to tell which panel is the correct one.
In my case, the Mike from before was upside down, and so is the Mike on the right, which means that the panel on the right was… well… the right one.

So basically, all you have to do is match up the Mikes, and then to the correct computer panel. Easy peasy.
I hope this helps! :relaxed:


Wow! I saw the Mikes and the panels. I didn’t realise you could interact with the panels though - and I did go over and check them out. Well-spotted!

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@Kitru posted this solution earlier, he’s going to want .25 credit. :sunny:


Only problem are if you don’t run to first room and second chest they close and drop…
So you have to grab those then run back to check puzzle to get OP point
Ugh… lol


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@viraforti this is what you mentioned

Sneaky sneaky!

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Ah, my bad. Sorry @Kitru. Didn’t realise you’d already figured this one out.

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Posted a video guide here


The tube trick stopped working. Those vat soldiers now all look exactly the same. It’s a ■■■■■■■ guessing game again.

Are you sure you’re looking at the right ones? There’s two banks of three tubes in the first room. It’s the ones on the left as you first enter you want to check out; the ones on the right are always identical.

Ah. ■■■■

No worries. Took me a bit to figure out why (a) it was always the same tube and (b) it was always wrong anyway! :blembarrass: