Mystery damage boost

I noticed I can hit for say 11k damage per shot on the target dummy, play through an area, then back at the target dummy the same weapon is now hitting 40K.
This is with Zane, unknown if it happens with the others.
I’m sure this can’t only be me…

Are you wearing a shield that has depletion damage bonus?

Mayhem modifiers persist when you go back to sanctuary

Terror on action skill end epic turtle shield…

Ok, but would boost damage by 300%ish?
Playing on M4 which I thought was less extreme modifiers…

Do any of your weapons have the terror extra projectile anoint?

Yes! Q- system and Dahl hawk SMG. Both epic. Does the anointment stick/ stack somehow?

Yeah the extra projectile anoint is broken and will permanently stack projectiles for your play session. A save quit resets it.

It’s definitely a bug capable of explaining your 300% extra damage.

Do you know if it applies to all weapons or just those with the anointment?

I believe just those with the anoint, however to be honest terror mechanics are an area I’m fairly ignorant to. Maybe someone else can confirm.

If you have a nade or shield with that anoint, you could potentially get the bug on any weapon. You can even swap out bugged weapons with the backpack and it’ll still stick.

It will persist even if you’re not Terrified anymore.

I used to play with a Scourge with that anointment, it was silly strong.

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Basically every time you swap from and then back to a gun with the extra projectile anointment while terrified, it has a chance to stack. Video explanation by lazydata if you’re curious.


Thank you!