Mystery Hods: Who made these?

Hi. I have a big bin of old .hods here and I’m trying to get provenance on exactly who made them. What I’ve been able to glean so far is they’re from Complex mod, but I know Complex uses and has previously used a lot of content from other mods (PDS, EXmod, TFS, etc), so I’m trying to go back further to find out who the original creators are so I can contact them and see if I have permission to use them in my own projects.

Pictures below:


Any insight would be great. Thank you.

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That vgr_Battlecarrier is mine and you can use it as you want, no copyrights requires.
Defcruiser is from pirate mode, don’t know who is author.
Researcg ship,Transport,Scavenger is Paolo Mazocatto from complex mod.
Rest i am not sure.
But generali speaking, i don’t think anyone would try to claim their copyrights, these ships was made with spirit of ‘have fun and play with them anywhere or anyhow you want.’

For the unknown ships, if the person responsible for making them isn’t on record somewhere saying that it’s not really a safe assumption.

Thank you, @Oni. It’s a pretty nice design! It might need a texture job at some point but I’d be happy to find a place for it. Dunno who Paolo is but I’ll see if I can track him down.

I always consider it good practice to get it in writing if I want to use someone else’s stuff, as a courtesy if nothing else. Some people can be stingy about it, and I can cite a few cases back in the Homeworld 2 modding days where that’s caused problems.

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I think the defensive cruiser might be from an old pirate mod that I used to play a thousand years ago, but as far as I know, it’s not on steam.

I think this is it:

It was pretty fun, but the pirates were TOTALLY overpowered. Played it for a long time anyway though. :smiley:

Arr! Pirates! I remember that mod from back in the day.

I vaguely recall seeing @Thunderbolt around lately. If he’d be willing to verify.

the third and fourth hods are by Pouk. The unknown cruiser from Pirates mod is by Evillejedi. the harvester is by 9CCN and the last shipyard was a complex mod ship credited to Baroness.

BTW, I really like the work done by the modelers and textures here so I’m very glad that you are seeking to
get appropriate permission for the use of their work!