Mystery orbs appear and damage enemies (solved)

Edit: Figured I would update for anyone curious. Solved this thanks to apewiththumbs mentioning Storm. When my action skill element is electric the ricochets are treated as Storm instead of Firestorm, but when the element is fire it produces the Firestorm effect.

I don’t know if this is a legendary effect, an Amara effect I hadn’t seen before, or what. Not even positive it isn’t some kind of bug. I can’t even think of a way to search properly to make sure it hasn’t been brought up by others. I’m at a loss trying to figure out where these are coming from. About every ten enemies or something 5 blue orbs appear above an enemy (sometimes the one I shoot, sometimes one near them) and a red beam from each damages them. Playing as Amara Mayhem Mode level 1 TVHM, lvl 50. Do any of her skills cause this that anyone knows of? I have points in Fist of the Elements and Brawl trees, can post a build if I need to.

Legendaries I have currently are Dangerous Kill-o’-the-Wisp, Expert Firestorm, Firestorm (Tediore grenade), Electric Slide Cosmic Crater, Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder, and Unending Magnificent. Then a Storm Front unequiped. Shield and class mod are normal purples. I’ve looked up each of these and nothing is describing them as having this effect.

The only thing I can think of at this point is some sort of weird interaction between the Firestorm sniper and the Indiscriminate skill’s ricochet. I want to figure this out because it seems to do decent damage so I want to make it happen more if I can. Will post a screenshot if need be and I can get one when it happens.

Edit: Was able to get this to happen again.

Do unto others skill does that, bottom left skill in green tree

I had thought that, but that orb is different in my experience. The model used is the same orb, I think, but that is the only similarity I can tell. That one appears at Amara, appears one at a time with an 8 second cooldown, and then blows up to deal damage. These appear above the enemy, shoot a red laser to deal damage, and appear multiple at a time.

It looks like Storm orbs (legendary Maliwan sniper) but instead of lightning tethers its red lasers. Very odd.

I think that may have been the missing key, apewiththumbs. Just shot Indo Tyrant a lot and the orbs started appearing above my vehicle. I think it is a very weird interaction between Firestorm and the Indiscriminate skill, that when it ricochets it acts like Storm instead of Firestorm but probably still does fire damage, hence red lasers instead of electrical tethers. I say probably because I tend to have lots of numbers flying at that point.