Mystery weapon in outland spur

i do not know what weapon it is or what it is called, i cant get to it but i can get close enough to see it. can anyone else confirm this weapons existence ? ive posted in one other forum about glitch weapons but idk if that is the most correct forum for this find. so,

go to OUTLAND SPUR, go all the way to the southeast corner through the ice cave to that ledge all the way at the very end of the map. there is an oxygen generator next to a crashed dahl jet fighter and a single square tower just off to the side of the oxygen gen. the gun is INSIDE the tower on the second floor. you can see it if you stand on the ledge half way up, face inward and trace the ledge till you can seer through the wall. idk how to get to it but you can see the gun suspended in the center of the room in the tower.

On it, please hold.

edit - found it. Weird? The fact that it’s floating makes it seem like it’s not something we’re supposed to be able to actually use in-game?

2nd edit - following that power line back down to the ice flow doesn’t seem to reveal anything.

It looks like a Blue Jakobs sniper, maybe just an accidental asset

weird indeed.

Isn’t it the sniper a girl from a side-quest uses to kill some bandits that were after her?

Amelia i think. Springs gets her number, etc…

it’s rather ugly looking

This has cropped up here before. (well, on the old forums) If I remember correctly the conclusion they came to there was that it is leftover unused game asset from what used to be a side quest.

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neato thanks :slight_smile:

Necro! The mission is Nothing is Never an Option, and it’s how Amelia snipes out of that tower (see screenshot). The rifle floats around during the mission while Amelia covers you.