Mythos quest alfafly

Mythos Quest is a fun, addictive flying game that follows several
classic characters on their quest to recover a stolen artefact and save
the Kingdom of Mythos. Fly through exotic landscapes, evade obstacles,
and defeat enemies with magical blasts to stay alive and keep the quest
going. Along the way, enhance your powers by collecting rare artefacts
and spells, and compete against your friends to see who deserves the
title “the greatest hero of all time.”

Play as Aladdin, the brave
young man with the flying carpet; Luca, the good witch from the forests
of the west; Rumpelstiltskin, the dwarf with the golden touch;
Valkyrie, the winged warrior from the Land Beyond; and Hades, the grumpy
but good-hearted Lord of the Underworld. Known as “the Legendary Five,”
these ragtag heroes are the only ones that can save Mythos. Their quest
is to chase after the dark wizard Morgana and recover the Vita Stone,
an ancient crystal that provides safety and harmony to whoever controls
it. Without the Stone, the Kingdom will not be able to protect itself
against the dark forces of the universe. Eager to prove themselves, the
Legendary Five have risen to the challenge and will not rest until the
Kingdom is saved. To rescue everyone in Mythos Kingdom , the stone
needed to obtain.

These brave heroes will not be alone in
their quest, though. Merlin the wise wizard has left a path of stars and
diadems to guide them towards the Vita Stone, as well as assorted
magical items to enhance their powers. To catch Morgana, the Legendary
Five will have to travel far and wide throughout the Kingdom—across
deserts and snowy tundras, under the ocean, through ancient ruins and
magical lands, over the tops of volcanoes, and even into outer space.
The heroes will need speed, agility, and courage to complete the quest.
But if anyone can do it, you better believe it’s this daring bunch!