N00b looking for ship files to 3D print

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Hey all, I have been looking for free Homeworld ship files to 3D print. I’m an old fan-boy so I would prefer the old, original Homeworld 1 files if they are available. That’s also the version of the game that I own, so if there’s a copy right issue, I do legit-own the old files.

Specifically, I want to 3d print the old Tiidan scout, .stl or .obj files preferred.

Sorry this is such a n00b question, but I didn’t find anything about this on the new-member thread, and Google has not given me any results either.

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Moved you to a more appropriate section. There’s some links and things you may want to follow-up on in a couple of the older threads here:

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Ok, awesome, thank you for the links to the threads, I found some great links in those to some great models, and the one I want is not very expensive!

While we are on the topic, does anybody else have any links to any of the 3D models from back in the day? There used to be this little program called Homeworld Unit Viewer that let you look at all of the homeworld meshes but not much else. I also remember learning on the old relicnews.com forums that there were Pepakura models so you could print and fold models from paper.

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Scrolling through the section, I found this:

-Link removed by PH-

Not sure how many of the participants in that thread are still active on the forums, but you never know!

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@VaultHunter101, anyone else, That’s a bad link from that post there. Chucks up a lot of gunk on android.

But apparently I’m winning a prize and my phone is infected.

So that’s great.

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Oh wow, sorry about that.

Edit: Looks like the domain registration might have lapsed and it’s been taken over by… whatever. I took the precaution of editing the URL out of the original post as well, because it’s obviously not pointing at what it used to point at.

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Neither are true: the sites I get taken to want me click on things, so they try to lure users in via greed or fear.

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Would any of the HOD files be useful to you?