Naabal Shipyards - an iOS Unit Viewer for HW:RM

Hi Everyone!

Download this application

For those of you who remember, back in the day there was a Homeworld Unit Viewer. I was thoroughly adored with this game way before I ever saved up enough money to buy it. I would download the unit viewer and read over all the story and lore on each ship and spend hours just spinning these beautiful ships.

Fast forward to 2015, and now as an iOS engineer I wanted to give back and get to work on a project I really enjoy. So I created Naabal Shipyards, the equivalent of the Unit Viewer from way back when.

You can find the link to the iOS app here, and some screenshots below.

It’s nothing fancy and is pretty rough, but it gets the job done. I want to continue to build it out over time, and if you’re interested in helping out with assets or coding, I’d be more than happy to chat about how to make this a real community creation. Things I think we should do:

  • Add team colors
  • Add background changing
  • Add animations
  • Add shadow options
  • Add music

Feel free to peruse some of the other articles I put together on how this app was built:
Project Naabal Shipyard Page
How to extract assets
How to load assets into iOS SceneKit

Also! As Super Sajuuk pointed out, and something I want to be clear, is that I don’t know any of the content in the app itself. All material for the application comes from

  • Gearbox / RelicNews
  • Encyclopedia Hiigara
  • Homeworld Shipyards

And always, am interested in more accurate information :smile:


Seems useful, but I noticed that your description for the Taiidan Scout is literally copy/pasted from the Encyclopedia Hiigara, which you don’t seem to be attributing anywhere. Unless that information was actually copy/pasted directly from an in-game manual, you need to be attributing this content or you are violating the CC-BY-SA license on reuse.

Just thought I’d mention this, so you are aware about that. Also, the wiki isn’t a reliable source of information, since there’s literally no reference for some of the descriptions given on the site, which may make some of the descriptions based on fan opinion, rather than an actual source.

Heys Super Sajuuk - thanks for pointing it out. Attributions for all the content and assets are detailed under Settings -> About Naabal Yards. But let me know if you think I should make the attributions more clear. It crossed my mind to put them in more places, and it could be something I just do on the server side.

Is there a better source for material than Homeworld Shipyards or Encyclopedia Hiigaran?

You should probably put the attributions on the description page for the app, as well as on your wordpress site. :smile:

I would say the manuals are the more authoritative, but be aware that HW2’s manual simply retcons the majority of HW1’s manual, so there’s no real consistent lore in the series. I don’t have any issue with the content being used from EH, but it just needs clear attribution: in-app attribution usually doesn’t count, as people need to download it to see the attribution.

I’m working on the EH wiki to reference what I can and remove fan speculation though. :smile:

Gearbox could put a unit viewer in-game, using the engine, in place of the current color picker.
But it’s not a priority, comparing to everything else needing to be done/balanced/fixed.


I think GBX is doing this via this:

It obviously doesnt have the detailed text with it so this is cool too :smile:


iPad only. Any effort on an iPhone version?

Cool looking app though, I’ll do it on my iPad for sure.

Heys Ratamaguru - for sure. iPhone version is definitely coming down soon (within the month)? 1.3 should be a good release :smile:

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Where are the models/ships you’re downloading coming from?

The models themselves are hosted on a Amazon s3 instance. In terms of how they came to be in the steps are documented in the links above. Those steps were generated from tutorials on relicnews.

Which is to say they’re extracted from our shipping content and then hosted elsewhere?

Yeah they’re just hosted on an s3 instance I spun up. As far as the source yes, they are from the shipped materials.

If there are issues with this definitely let me know. I tried reaching out but never heard back…I do want to be in compliance with everything. I just want to make something pretty for the game I love

Hi All,

Just an update - 1.3 was released today. There is now iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6+ support

Check it out here:

I’m not sure where you’re getting the dimensions from but the models I extracted have different numbers. For example, the taiidan scout for me at least is 15.698m and not 14.3.

Hopefully this project isn’t dead or anything, I’ve wanted exactly this for nearly a decade now.

Any chance for another platform? Many people avoid iOS like the plague after all :sweat_smile: