Name one (or 2) things from each BL games you would like to see

Hello all. Not sure if this topic has been done. I did search and found nothing so here it goes!

If you could pick one thing from each borderlands game to put in BL3, what would they be?

I didn’t play BL1 so I can’t comment on that so I’ll name 2 from one game. Feel free to do the same. I would like to see:
The return of cyro.
The return of the grinder.
That fact you can always farm bosses for certain loot.

Those are my 3, how about your favs?

Edit.I am courios about the one thing from BL1 that would be cool to carry over


The complexity of the BL1 loot system + the very distinct manufacture gimmicks and interesting red-text gun design of BL2’s loot system + the better designed skill trees of TPS.

Also, bring back Atlas and S&S.


…totally agree with @ACNAero. For me/in addition:

  • BL1: Elemental Rain Grenades (I still miss these to this day) :sparkles:

  • BL2: the OP system (don’t be shy, Gearbox… just because some players threw themselves off the UVHM cliff with misguided expectations and blamed you for it doesn’t mean this wasn’t a stroke of genius) :thumbsup:

  • TPS: Mutator Arena (specifically, a repeatable, wildly customizable Circle of Slaughter; just keep it within range of a Fast Travel station this time :wink: )


[quote=“ACNAero, post:2, topic:1215208”]
The complexity of the BL1 loot system + the very distinct manufacture gimmicks and interesting red-text gun design of BL2’s loot system + the better designed skill trees of TPS.
[/quote]This times a thousand. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the differences between manufacturers in BL2. I like the unique attributes and charm they all had, but the differences between, say, Torgue and Hyperion were way too dramatic for my taste. I won’t be purchasing BL3 unless we see a return of an original Borderlands-like loot system.

I’d also like to see more mini-bosses in each area and new methods of farming.


A knox armory style chest farm/run. Simply put, provide us a bunch of maps that have swarms of enemies, a boss to beat and at least 10 better than average chests to open at the end. Each run should take 15 to 30 minutes. And yea, do it on lots of maps so you don’t get bored doing the same run every time. BL2 didn’t have enough of this. They seemed to shy away from it.

Raid bosses with 90% guaranteed random legendary drops (kinda like Crawmerax, I can’t remember a time he didn’t drop a legendary) (edited)

Areas that you can farm for specific legendaries. I think on occasion we had whole maps or groups of common enemies that had a better than average chance to drop a specific legendary. I think this method is more fun. The bee shield in the forest in tiny tina’s dlc in BL2.

I agree with Cryo and the Grinder.

A re-settable playthrough. But I’d like to be able to reset individual missions too.

Player Classes like the ones in TPS. Surviving well while causing lots of damage.

Xp farms like those in TPS (intentional or not they are great)

Lots of content like in BL2.


Those are all great things. It’s all about replayabilty for me. That’s why Diablo and borderlands are my favorite series hands down!


Oh. And I love the low gravity + slam attacks. So, I’d love to see jetpacks introduced to replace oz kits while in higher gravity. Adding that to the gameplay makes it feel like you’re a badass in an action movie. Chaining one action to the next. Ok, all the borderlands do that, but having the high jumps plus slams gives you more stuff to chain in.

you walk into a room. all the doors open along the walls and 10 guys enter the room. very small amounts of cover. You toss a grenade towards 3 of them, dodge next to a small crate, toss your action skill, shoot at 3 guys on the same side of the crate as you, they throw a grenade at your feet, you high jump, switch to shotgun and slam next to the 4 guys you haven’t damaged yet which knocks them back, you shotgun those 4 down and your action skill finishes off 3 of them, the badass in the group gets the jump on you and downs you, but you shoot a rocket at 2 guys in the corner, then you finish off the remaining via your SMG and another grenade.

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Split screen gaming. Gotta keep that too.

TPS voice overs per each character were fantastic too. Made subsequent playthroughs with, or without other players more interesting. This was a nice feature, but not required.

I just reread the subject of the thread. Woops. I’ve named like 15 or something.


Definitely. The BL1 loot system is still king.

To add:

  • Every manufacturer makes every gun type.

  • BL1 DOTS stacking.

Same. Not a fan of Gyrojets and the drunken Hyperion ADS sway.

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All I want are loot midgets. The fun my friends and I had when they randomly appeared was priceless.


Love loot midgets even though they scare the crap out of me. Tough little dudes!

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The simplicity of the weapons and character load outs of Bl1 would be a must for me.
What they did on the sequel just so they could have a Bazillion guns was just stupid oh and the guy should drop the gun he was shooting you with too.

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I miss the name of the gun having a code in it. Like, the “HHK Unforgiven” or the “BAK Unforgiven”. You could know your gear in your inventory just by the codes + the weapon name. And you might have reasons to keep around both instances, so the codes did come in handy.

Supposedly the “guys drop the gun they are using” thing has been refuted by gearbox, that it wasn’t actually the case and that it wouldn’t have worked in BL2 because of how weapons and health scaled. I think that either way, it certainly seemed that way much of the time that you would see the item they were using when it dropped. And I think it could have been done in BL2 regardless of scaling. When an enemy holds a gun, lets say for example, a hellfire smg, the version he uses is scaled down or up as needed to make it balanced to the damage output they desired. If some dude did have a hellfire it would still hurt more than a regular fire smg though.

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That would have been nice.

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Agree with comments so far. The clappy dlc made good use of verticality. Gbx could run with it.


I’m really enjoying TPS with the jumping and slamming. I didn’t think I would. I wouldn’t mind seeing in BL3 a section in the story where you had no gravity, or an arena mode.


BL1: Shock Animation! MORE SIRENS. I want to know more about 'em.
BL2: VARKIDS…RABIDS!..Rabid Varkids? O.O
TTAODK-esque DLC. Don’t be afraid to go BIG on story DLC Gearbox, YOU’RE SO GOOD AT IT!

Two more item slots. One for jetpack/booster (taken from tps) and one for an elemental artifact that affects action skill (from bl1)

Four item slots…relic/com/booster/artifact. Death by math!

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  1. Weapon naming system. The weapons sounded so much more technical and cool with the codes at the beginning.
  2. Backpack space. Good lord the backpack space.


  1. The amount of content. This game was supported ridiculously well post-release and set the standard for the other games in the series.
  2. Interaction with former PCs. I thought this was a really cool way to keep the old characters in the game while allowing you as the player to get to know all the new Vault Hunters too.


  1. Voice overs. Having a second story of sorts for TVHM was a stroke of genius. I dunno how that would happen in BL3 given that it’ll probably be played in real time as opposed to the flashback style of TPS but if they could make this happen again it would keep the story from getting stale as quickly.
  2. Verticality. It added a fun new element to the game. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as prevalent on Pandora, but it could definitely be implemented in places.
  3. Class synergy. Gearbox has gotten better at this with every release, in terms of skills working together. Keep doing that. But also the way classes interacted with each other. The first time I heard Wilhelm should “Go get em Athena!” I was floored. More of that would be awesome.

Although I can’t comment on anything from BL1…yet, the other things you said were all good things to see. I thought the same thing when I was running tvhm about how the voice overs had changed. Lets face it, when you have to run the story 3 times it’s nice to hear and Maybe see some diffrent things. Good ideas, Hope to see them all added to the new game.