Names Blocking Reticle HELP

I don’t know what update it was. But now every enemy or vehicle or anything with a name that suppose to pop up when you put your aim reticle. Now blocks have my aim reticle instead of staying over the enemy or unit. I have searched and searched for a setting and on the internet for a similar problem and haven’t seen anything about it. Its impossible to aim for headshots due to the name blocking just about everything I’m aiming at. Help!

That sounds weird, i haven’t heard of or experienced this. Can you post a screenshot?

I JUST got on twitch if you want to see it. Same screen name.

NVM just found it. Its the hud scaling. if you want to see what i did change it from like the 1.0 to like 1.25 the name covers your while reticle. Must have changed when i was scrolling through the menu options and it changed when it paused on it… i was about to shelve this game. Also so mad at meself…