Naming of Characters BL1/BL2/TPS

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I haven’t seen this question asked on the forums before, so I figured I’d make a thread.

Is there any link between the character’s names? Are they completely random, or are there meanings behind them?

I’m only asking because I was reading about the Biblical Lilith and the thought popped into my head.

It’d be cool to have a little discussion about it.

Well, I can tell that Krieg’s one goes according what he is xD
AH, krieg = german word for war

I found this about Gaige xD

And I think Salvador goes because he’s the most “latin” char in the game

Salvador also means “Savior”, which is what he is to his village and family (even though his fellow villagers don’t seem to agree with that). I guess Zer0 gets that name because we have no idea what he is or where he came from. We know “zero” about him. He’s precision and professionalism incarnate, so he gets a number as a name. I think you could also say that since his playstyle is all about precision, that he “zeroes in” on enemies before killing them. Like xmngr said, Krieg is german for “war”, so it fits the character very well. He’s a chaotic, violent character who’s constantly at war with himself. Axton isn’t a real name, so I guess they just went with something that sounded cool for a soldier. Maybe it has something to do with “Axe”. He has a lot of axes to grind, I suppose.


Obviously Mordecai was named Mordecai because that name is ■■■■■■■ badass.

Thats science right there.


Mordecai is also an OT hero who was the downfall of his nemesis, Haman. He didn’t have a bird but his adopted daughter was, by all accounts, a real cute chick. :wink:

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Zero is named in a similar way to the Assassins. (Oney, Wot, Reeth, Rouf) but isn’t scrambled. That’s all we know.

He is alphanumerically substituted though: Zer0

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Mordecai is also a biblical name. From its several supposed origins, it could mean “servant”, “follower”, “warrior”, “little boy” and “he who deserves merit” (yes, I just went into google to look it up). For some reason, the name Mordecai in pop culture is always related to birds. I don’t know what’s up with that. There’s a hawk named Mordecai in The Royal Tenenbaums and the bird character from The Regular Show is named Mordecai. Mordecai in Borderlands has Bloodwing.

Hmm, the wikipedia entry for Maya is intriguing:

Edit: And following up on the Greak Maia -> Roman Maya we get:

Very appropriate!

All of those meanings could relate to Maya very well. I particularly like “generous”. It fits really well with her group healing abilities and the fact that she’s an invaluable asset in co-op.

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And I suppose Brick gets his name because of Jethro Tull? Or is it because a brick house defied the big bad wolf (like Brick defies Jack in general and Nisha in Lynchwood)? And if he was a female Commodore, he could have been a Brick House :sunglasses:

Athena is pretty obvious. Nisha is apparently Hindi for night, although as I remember from discussion on the old forums when the game came out there may be more to it than that?

Aurelia can be traced back as meaning “Golden” (rich) but also obviously Aurora, as in the northern and southern lights (and COLD!)

CL4P-TP (“Clapttrap”) is also pretty obvious, as in “That’s claptrap!” (i.e. what you just said is a load of old rubbish)

I really like that interpretation, but I honestly think it’s just because he’s kinda dumb and “hard as a brick”.

I read that and instantly thought Agent 47


I kind of see it as a short form of “zero in”. He is technically the sniper after all. His name should represent precision as you mentioned

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As for Axton if you say it fast enough it sounds like you’re saying ‘Action’, which is what he certainly craves if you listen to his comments when you haven’t moved in a few minutes…

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These replies are awesome guys!