Nanites or some sillyness

I’m moderately aware this doesn’t need to be a discussion, but it might be one.

It’s just kinda funny that a skill in a skill tree in the game involves a word we can’t use here :joy:



When we first started using these fancy automated forums, the word “bitch” was also censored. It led to a lot of confusion when talking about a certain SMG, so they removed that word from the censored list. I’m sure the same thing will happen to “s-h-i-t-e” eventually.

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I noticed that too. Especially since its one of the most powerful augments we’ve seen so far. -33% shield recharge delay and health regen. Doesn’t need the reload bonus on top, those two are more than enough.

I agree. It’s not even spelled right! Nutty Irish and English people. I mean, can’t they even pronounce English words right!

(insert cheesy laugh-track here)

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Well it’s the English language… so everything that deviates from English spelling and English pronunciation of the English language is by definition incorrect. Checkmate!


They got you there, @Jordangold527 lol.