NAT type issues. Can't play with the only friend that I want to play with

Hello, my friend bought BL3 for me so we can play together. He is NAT type 3 , 50mb download/ 3 upload. I am NAT type 2, 85 mb download/ 2 upload.

I have tried everything that I can think of, but no matter what we do, we always get an error that says:

Connection error
Your connection has timed out. Please check your network.

The odd thing is that the system only tries to group us up for about 5 seconds before giving us the error. This is really killing the experience for us since he literally bought the game for us to play together. Now we are having to play solo. We play overwatch, Apex, fallout 76, and lots of other games together without any issues. I would definitely like to know if there is any way for us to play together or if it’s just not possible. If not that is a huge bummer.

EDIT: We figured out a way to play together but it sucks big butts. We have to join a random host’s match that is similar level/progression, and then we can join up. This is really annoying though because any time the host leaves, we get booted from the match. It really is killing the story for us. Is there not another option here? Sad face

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