Natch, the Space Hobo

Alias: “Natch” Real name unknown.
Faction: Rogues
Race: Human
Starting Health: 850
Starting Shields: 150
Role: Agile, Skirmisher, Advanced

Natch is a cosmic drifter with a baseball bat, a gravity tether glove, and a can-do attitude. She was born to a couple of refugees in the Detritus Ring, but who they were or where they went is unknown. Natch has spent most of her life in the ring scavenging derelict spacecraft, and her gravity tether and propulsion boots (nicknamed “Boot-sters” because Natch is terrible) were designed for deep-space mobility. Her bat is also interesting, showing a hardness and durability that is unexpected, based upon its appearance. According to Natch, her tech was designed by her mother, and the bat was built by her father. It is unknown how true that claim is, since no records of Natch’s parentage have been found, if they even exist. Regardless of who built them, her tools made the transition from scavenging to combat admirably.

Natch is almost relentlessly cheerful and friendly. She is prone to telling tall tales (“Did I ever tell you guys about the time that I looted an Arcfleet ship?”), and making the worst dad jokes possible (“Hi, dead! I’m Natch!”). She does her best to pass that cheer on to her fellows, and tends to fall into the role of the ship’s big sister.
Natch joined the Battleborn out of a sense of duty and responsibility. She doesn’t believe in standing by while someone else saves the universe. She only feels confident that a job is being done right when she is doing it herself. Since joining, she has shown herself to be a reliable fighter. Every once in a while though, she shows some uncharacteristic savagery in combat. It isn’t known if she’s reacting out of hatred for her enemies, or if she’s revealing a deeper part of who she is.

Natch’s combat style is based around speed. She’s squishier than Benedict, but makes up for it by having the best mobility of any Battleborn. Natch uses a metal bat for combat, cracking foes over the head and legging it before they can retaliate. Her alt fire is useful for that, as it causes Natch to create propelling bursts of gravitons from her boots. With proper timing, Natch can reach a significant speed. This speed is important for more than keeping Natch alive. You see, Natch’s attack damage is increased by her speed. Higher speed means harder impacts. Natch is a literal hit and run character. Her Gravity Tether is designed to facilitate and encourage that playstyle.

Natch’s first skill is the Gravity Tether. She marks a location in her line of sight, and shifts her gravity, falling towards it. It has a low cooldown of five seconds. The Gravity Tether does no damage by itself. It is a combo skill, with an effect that changes depending on player input. Attacking with the tether active causes Natch to smash her bat into whatever hapless victim she makes contact with, dealing her highest damage at terminal velocity. Gravity Tether also chains with her second skill, Graviton Pulse. Alone, Graviton Pulse is a pushback attack that does 150 damage to whoever is directly in front of Natch and slows for 4 seconds. Chained with Gravity Tether, Graviton Pulse becomes an AOE ground pound that knocks up and slows anyone caught in its radius (barely larger than Montana’s Ol’ One Two). Natch’s alt also chains with GT. With proper timing, Natch will kick off of her target, inflicting significant pushback, 100 damage, and sending Natch rocketing back where she came from.

Natch’s ultimate is the Null Field. After a brief windup while she overcharges her glove, Natch smashes the ground and creates a field of zero gravity. Anyone caught within the initial impact is left floating helplessly in the air for the duration. Natch dashes between all snared targets at terminal velocity, striking them with her bat. Anyone entering the field is not snared, but they can be struck by Natch en route to a snared target. After ten hits, the ability ends and Natch lands. All snared enemies are free to move about again, assuming they lived. And in case you were wondering, yes. This can be chained to from GT. It doesn’t gain a new effect, but it is a good way to fly into the middle of a group of unsuspecting enemies and ■■■■ their ■■■■ up.