Nav light discussion

Nav lights seem pretty straight forward, but i have a question. Actually several questions…

Does HW-RE support semi transparent textures (on a ship mesh. not a particle)?

Does HW-RE support animated textures (as in loop animations)?

Can nav lights be seen (or cast light) though a semi transparent surface?

The reason i am asking this is because i want to create animated bussard collectors on a totally new model of the TOS era Starship Enterprise (for my Beyond the Final Frontier mod resurrection). Complete with “christmas bulbs” which will be simulated by the nav lights. These nav light points will be behind the bussard collector mesh itself. Which i plan on using an animated semi transparent texture to simulate the rotating “blades”, Or the bussard mesh itself will be animated to rotate in place (which ever is more CPU/GPU efficient). All of this will depend if the nav lights can be seen through a semi transparent texture.

We did rotating bussards in STC, I would be interested in seeing the answer to this too :smile:

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How did you do it? Did you just use mad animations on the mesh? I don’t see anything where texture animations are supported on the mesh.

The only texture animations i saw were particles (Sajuuk, and Dreadnought BFG in classic HW2)

We just cut the domes off the end of the nacelles and did a MAD animation in the HOD, nothing too classy but it looks good! :smile:

Gotcha. I want to do something a little more elaborate. I want to simulate the studio model effect as close as possible.

If we can follow the same path that would be fantastic, I want to take full advantage of the Remastered engine! Herby/Charvell would be interested in the answer too no doubt!

I can’t wait to see the future.

Looks like there are no semi transparent shaders. It is ether Transparency On, or Off just like classic HW1, and 2. Plus the transparency must be done separately on a mesh using a different shader than the root model (the ghost ship, and scaffold meshes use this method to simulate wreckage).

So i guess its the break the mesh up, and use MAD for bussards, or create a particle effect for it. Least a particle can have animated textures. The problem is the performance hit that using this method would create.

There are transparent shaders… ? It’s just that for most of what we did I really pushed the artists to use ‘scissor’ style alpha - because it works with shadows and is MUCH faster. I really need to understand what you are trying to do - ultimately you may want to consider something like a custom surface/shader…

Looking at what you said in the OP - I think I can help (and I think you can do it without custom nav lights and some shaders) - but I don’t follow the Trek ‘lingo’ - we can talk sometime if you’d like (PM me) - to get this really clear.

semi transparent like foggy glass, or plastic that light can pass through. What i wanted to do was arrange nav lights behind a semi transparent rotating dome to simulate the studio model bussard collector effect. Google up TOS Enterprise bussard collector to see what the effect looks like.

The studio model used a frosted semi transparant dome, rotating blades, and lots of christmas lights

Yeah, it’s probably better that we talk - walk me through it, and we can engineer the setup/shaders to get you that. Skype maybe? Just PM me when you have time. I’d love to get you exactly what you’re looking for - and use that to show others more examples of going outside what we did with the engine…